Sep 13, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

Snitches get stitches

Sunni Leader Slain

White Trash in the hizzouse
These people are fucking up that whole White Supremacy thang for me....

Racist Attackers hold black woman prisoner

Just say no to Republican secret buttsex

A nation cannot be fully protected when our Republican senators are chasing buttsex in airport restrooms. Vote Democrat. If teh homo sex is Legal, then our nation of lawbreaking Repubs will probably stop doing it.


navyswan said...

Do you know where that picture was taken? I am just wondering because those people are at the university here. At least, they have the same signs. They are going to be here all week, so maybe I will take a trip to campus.

Faded said...

Nah, don't know where that pic came from... I think Americablog... I've slept since then..

You know, it just blows my mind- If Homos don't go to Heaven, then what the fuck are they worried about? Can't they just let them go to hell in peace?

Like I've said a thousand times before, it'd all be worth it, if there was just one second, one moment of realization upon death, that there is no fricking afterlife. One tortured eternity of comprehension that this life WAS all you had- and you squandered it being a dickhead and worrying about the "next" existence instead of this one...

No such luck, they'll die happy, going from their illusion-filled fantasy-land into oblivion, seeing bright lights and pearly gates as they twist into nothingness...