Nov 6, 2011

Because... I can't

Reading this worthy's account of the Oakland Occupiers, I came to this conclusion:

They are doing the hard work, so obviously, yes, they aren't the other 98% of us, who do realize we are being screwed by 1% but can't seem to muster the energy or motivation to do anything but bitch about it, occasionally.

Burning a flag will piss off some large group of Americans. True. And it will alienate those. But, I can't disagree with it, that much. I understand. That flag doesnt stand for what it used to. Our country is what it is, right now. It could be better.

These folks are patriotic in a very pure sense- they are out there, because they actually BELIEVE their voice counts.

I aint out there.

I got to go to work. I got to put food on the table, lucky me, cuz i can.

They believe that protest can work. They believe that if they can draw more attention to the root cause of the problem in our country's economic and moral (yep, i said it, but probably not meant in the same way most amerkans say it) downfall-will make lethargic middle america take notice. AND, yes, affecting the bottom line of corporations by fucking with a port for a couple of hours will be a thorn in some corporate spreadsheet this quarter. Maybe, maybe not.

They Believe in America. They wouldnt be out there if they didnt. I admire the hell out of that.

Because, I don't any more.

Its kind of like wanting to believe in Love, or some shit. I want to, late at night, when I've had about four too many drinks.

So "God bless their dumb asses".

These folks, flag-burners and all, are whats left of our country's soul. Mine, damn me to hell, has fled.

If we have a hope to survive as the greatest free country in the world, it lies in another quote I read tonight:

"Injustice will be ended when those who are not wronged are as indignant as those who are"

It's far, far too late for Me to start holding my breath, but I save a last gasp for those with the Gods-defying audacity to do so.