Oct 9, 2011

Delayed Responses

Response to a friend who is bitching that somehow his freedoms are being taken away by the government:

A solid government is an ever-evolving entity. Its strength lies in its ability to protect, promote, and foster its people. Pure capitalism, as we have seen, time and time again, will NOT do these things. America was founded on principles of freedom, equality and justice.

The amount of freedom, equality and justice we receive is up to us and the government we allow to be established. How WE protect, promote and foster our Government will determine these things. Nothing is black and white, and we have to give up certain amounts of freedom in order to maintain a more perfect union. We have to be taxed, in order to fund this nation and take care of it. Equality and Justice are two items that we do not have to sacrifice on any level in order to make this country work.

We are pretty well protected in most general cases. I don't fear invasion anytime soon. We have decent roads and infrastructure, but we must maintain it with federal and state monies. But, can we re-establish the powers that the last couple of Presidents and congress have stripped from the EPA in order to protect us from the next environmental disaster corporations have in store for our land and water?

Can our government protect our jobs by taking away tax breaks to the corporations that have moved 2.5 billion jobs to foreign countries?
Can they protect our soldiers by getting us out of these bullshit wars in the Middle East?
Can they protect my children by ensuring social safety nets and good education by putting my tax dollars to good use?

I'd rather pay to help the people of this country than to subjugate the people halfway around the world.

America has moved into this "Winning is Everything" mentality. Well, just be sure that what you are "Winning" at is the game that is worth winning. The smartest people in the room always lose when they take shortcuts to the greater good.

And, don't let these Ayn Rand selfish bastards fool you. There IS a greater good. If you work towards it. They just don't trust themselves enough to believe that anyone out there is good. That's their own shortcoming. Don't let it be OURS.