Jun 11, 2008

Does Science make God Obsolete

Several essays on the subject, both yes and no...


Hat tip- Michael Shermer, from Skeptic magazine.

Jun 6, 2008

Ashamed ...

MSNBC's Jim Makalakkahi-mekkahineyho-kewzewski whines that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed isn't behaving like a beaten down marionette...

Deep Background

So, what are you saying, that the waterboarding didn't work?

Does anyone REALLY expect these guys to accept the shitty legal counsel they have been provided after 5 years without a trial?

This is a ridiculous article. Should KSM be cowering in his cell, and begging America for more of this "justice"? 5 years in solitary, torture, and no real evidence against ANY of these guys...

Hell, If you can't stand up to a kangaroo court like Gitmo, you deserve to be put to death and shuffled off this mortal coil.

Once upon a time, America WAS BETTER than the KSMs of the world- now these enemies of the state look like Rambo, stumbling stoically out of the russian shock-spring mattress-room, bloodied but yet unbowed, and still able to say "Fuck you" to his oppressors, cowardly cunts embodied by journalists like Miklaszewski, who can't seem to understand what it's like to own a pair of nuts. "How dare Khalid Sheik Mohammed still fight back?! Should we have tortured him MORE?' seems to be his underlying refrain, one shared by every dipshit, sack-less neocon Pre-emptive strike supporter in this country.

If we had any real evidence against these people, they'd be dead already. Who is the real terrorist in this equation? Fucking chickenshit, that's what this Gitmo fake trial travesty is. Another smear on America, brought to you by weaklings that would fold after three days in a holding cell themselves, but still manly enough to kill as many of the "enemy" and their children as it takes. The terrorists of the world would love to kill ALL of the "enemy", including the women and children. I look at both sides of the coin and see the same hate-filled hearts on both sides, the same futile aggression and murder in their eyes.

How low we have fallen, as the "home of the brave".

Our government is now on an even keel with 70's era-Commie U.S.S.R.

Are YOU ashamed? How can you not be?