Aug 1, 2008

Anthrax Scientist Suicide/Death

Anthrax Scientist found dead - standard AP story

The Sun-Sentinel has a comprehensive roundup

So, I guess that's that, eh? He was just a lone scientist who didn't mind killing his fellow Americans in order to help terrorize the nation. The fact that he released the spores directed at Democratic party members on 9-11 and during a large anti-war protest was just a coinky-dink. Nothing to see here folks, just a crazy scientist. Move along...

Oh, you want to look into this a tad bit further than the mainstream media before it returns to stalking Angelina Jolies' adoptive children? Shame on you- well Here you go . (link fixed)

Amazing how many Americans that these die-hard Republicans are willing to sacrifice in the name of their skewed patriotism.

and in related Govt-Asshole-plots: Cheney's ploys to start war with Iran

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars is a little behind the curve, but they got here eventually.

Hey, they don't want to go all 9-11 Truther on us. What?! The government lie? Surely you jest...

UPDATE 2: An Insider speaks out about Ivins