Jun 28, 2007

Tag, I'm it...

I AM A THOUGHTLESS DICK DISCLAIMER:::: Dude, I am such a dickhead. Mirth, one of my C&L buds from the days before I even began blogging nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award Last Saturday . Weekends are bad times to uh, like inform me of shit. It was late Saturday, I just got internet this weekend. I came in from a long day of barbecueing at a neighbors, checked my blog, found the happy news- went to bed, thinking I'd catch up on Monday and promptly forgot. Damn, on the day I am to acknowledge my Thinking prowess, I have to put "I am a Thoughtless Dick" at the top. I bet Glenn Greenwald never has these problems...

Supergirlest at My Thinking Spot, tagged me for random stuff...

And I'm sitting here thinking of the chaos that is my life and what to put down, when I go over to A Blog By Me for my morning wake-up-and-shut-the-fuck-up java jolt and see she's tagged me for a thinking Blogger award too. So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here, If I can burn through this in time.

I am going on a road trip tonight, that I don't much want to take. My Gf wants her family to meet my kids, so we are renting an SUV and heading Eleven hours- that way- to go to their annual family barbecue. As soon as I get off work, zip to the house, get my shit together, which typical male that I am, consists of throwing 3 sets of clothes, the bare minimum of bathroom paraphenalia, and two books- (which I am currently reading at this moment, nothing too terribly poetic or deep= The newest Glen Cook military-fantasy-escapism and Colleen McCullough's Fortune's Favorite, which I love McCullough's carefully crafted vision of Rome, but it's hard sometimes to wade through her all-too obvious love affair with Caesar) - and then it's the major chore- piling up stuff that will keep the kids occupied for their longest car ride ever. (JOY!)

So add that on top of my new little Declaration project, which (sigh) hasn't exactly got to a running start. I was SO hoping some of you would do my work for me, but alas... looks like I will have to craft my own Patriotic Fuck you to the Bush administration. But, it's gonna have to wait til I get back.

Anyway- Chaos. Random. I'm good at that...

1. I was the biggest Metal head in high school; one of those ripped jean, black-tshirt uniformed dirtbag looking guys who was invariably drunk or stoned, chasing girls all day and all night - and still managed to be in all honor classes and make "Who's Who". But now- I can barely stand today's brain-dead metal with its Growling-Demon vocals that makes up most of todays' "Hardcore". It's a bad fucking joke. And the lyrics? Don't get me started on todays' shit lyrics of this crap. God, I want to strangle these simple byblow sons of their metal pioneer fathers.

2. Damn that was long. Need shorter Randomness. I hate Larry Kudlow with a greater passion than I hate Dick Cheney. He's just the epitome of everything that is wrong with this world that I have ended smack-dab in - (Investing). Yes, I have partially sold my soul. Will see if I can salvage whats left of it while managing money.

3. My GF is a saint because I am friends with my ex-wife, my ex-fiancee, and about 10 ex gfs that she pretends to like but truly cant stand. Well she may actually like my ex-wife. I am unsure. I would rather get along than fight. I am easygoing that way.

4. I have a "pretend" business that fell through years ago, but I still act like it is still a "side project" to build hot rods, when my ex-business partner and I just basically fucked it off for lack of funds and interest. I still make cool business cards and t-shirts with the business logo and we give them to friends, but my gf thinks (and I'm NOT unsure of this one) that I'm a complete moron for acting like we will EVER get it off the ground. (hey one of these days).

5. I live as honorably as I possibly can. I never refuse a friend that needs a favor that I can possibly do. I am the sucker that always helps you move, even when I have to cancel my own plans to do it. I stand up for my friends, sometimes a little more than they want me too. I have no Tact in real life. Well, damn little. Yes, I have been in no less than three physical fights over George Bush. There's a reason the trolls fear my
shit sludge manliness even over the net toobs.

6. I allow myself 3 sins in life that otherwise go against my personal philosophy:
-1. Alcohol. Yes, I like to drink. I don't drive drunk and I am not a violent drunk. I am a way-too-damn happy drunk when I get to that point. I quit smoking pot years and years ago and it just made me lazy anyway. I don't do drugs at all, because at a very early age I saw them ruin all my friends around me.
-2. Hot rods. Yes they burn gas way too much. Am working on a Electric-powered hot rod (in my side, pretend business, so cut me some slack.
-3. Women. Well, I don't really allow myself this sin anymore, but I can pine for the fjords, can't I?

7. My job is WAY too damn easy. I used to work outside with a shovel in my hands most of the day.

8. I love blogging the way other people love vacations. I have 3 blogs. It's lucky my job is so damn easy, altho recently I finally got Net-toobage at home.

(GASP- and my lunch breaks over). I sit here blogging through my lunch hour 90% of the time.

Now for AB- the finest 22 year old mind of her generation, I am sure. I know WAY too many stupid twenty-somethings, the kind of people holding candlelight vigils over Chris Benoit, but hey- I live in west texas. I consider myself Einstein of the Panhandle, which is kind of like being a second-rate student anywhere else in America.

THINKING BLOGGER AWARD: Trapped with my fellow West Texans, I am forced to think, in order to avoid conversation with these idiotas.

Thank you for Thinking of me, Angry Ballerina (See what a wittah basstid I is!)

Sorry, time is blazing- Short and Sweet. Here are Five way smarter bloggers than me-

Empire Burlesque by Chris Floyd

The Defeatists, and good ole' Commandante Agi

My Ex-Fearless Leader, Fred

The blogger with the heart of gold, NavySwan

And My blogging Mentor (tho he probably doesn't know it) Actor212! The greatest Trollslayer, like, EVER

Busker, of the Now TRULY Engulfed Cathedral Would have been at the top of this list.

(and I Know, I Know!- Arma-get-it-on-kit is late... Working on it.... )

Enjoy your weekend, stay away from your in-laws.

Jun 27, 2007

Declaration Project...

I have a special project for July 4- Please help. If you would like to contribute, I would love to acknowledge your effort.

What I need is simple and won't take much time. In the original Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers made a list of transgressions of King George. Here are some examples:

-He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

-He has forbidden his governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

-He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.

-He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices and the amount and payment of their salaries.

-For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

-For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences:


Like I say this is for a July 4th post. Any help with listing our grievances against Bush's many transgressions against the constitution, the people of America, and the future of our entire country would be appreciated. There's so much, I just don't know where to start.

Dwell on this line from the original Declaration:

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Racism in Hell!

Doc Biobrain, of And doctor biobrain's response is... fame, participates in Yahoo! Answers, a website wherein you can find answers to any questions you have.

The good doctor, being a Doctor and all that, needs no answers from the mob, but he likes to ask quirky questions.

Here's his question today:

If you were in Heaven and found that racial inequality was rampant in Hell, would you strongly protest?

Presumably, God could fix racial inequality in Hell, being omnipotent and everything. So would you expect him to? Or do you think Hell should be racist?For the sake of the question, please assume that there is a Heaven and Hell, you are in Heaven, and that Hell suffers from rampant racial injustice. The first person to answer this question correctly will get an M&M.
(note: he expounds on this question on the link above)

And here's my Answer:

Ah, interesting question, but since most of the people in Hell are probably white like me, I don't think I would be bothered.

It is almost too much of a leap of faith for me to even imagine myself on the good side of that pearly gated community, but for the sake of the good Doctor, I will try.

First, I'd get my Holy Blog going, stirring up my fellow heavenly brethren and shaking up the status quo. I would imagine this would be a tiny bit easier since there's nothing interesting going on in the promised land; deep sighs, harp strums and yawns all around.

---wait!--- Epiphany destroys the shining happy vision of God's ultimate vacation getaway-

It occurs to me that there's no way in ... uh... hell- that Hell could be more racist than Heaven's going to be!

Pain, Fire, Unending vd, and Demons implementing 'enhanced interrogation' are nothing if not equalizing upon those who getting the bad end of the pitchfork. From constant oppression comes solidarity.

I know what you're thinking- 'But that group of Irishmen over there- that's not proper damnation! A roomful of bottles of sand? How is that suffering?'

Satan, CEO of Helliburton, replies, "Every race of man has his own unique brand of suffering. One man's waterboarding is another man's colonic. You see, those poor Micks see every bottle as full of their favorite liquor until they pop the top and get another mouthful of sand. It's a fairly evil fate, if I do say so myself."

'And those pasty guys in 3 piece suits in that room, and those two very unattractive jewish women- what are they all clustered around, masturbating furiously? That's not suffering!'

And Satan replies: "Oh badness! That's a horrid one, there. Two or three of those damned throw themselves in the pit of fire daily just for a few minutes respite from that room! That's the PNAC, they are compelled to be constantly aroused by portraits of the Clintons."

"So it's all pretty fair, you see. The real racism is up in Heaven where people are so self-righteous for actually making it through the gates, they have decided to segregate themselves by choice."

'But God doesn't play favorites, does he?'

"Sure he does, he favors the atheists. But there's not much you can do about it in heaven!"

'The Atheists?! How is that!?'

"Silly human, The atheists don't believe in Heaven or hell. They became one with the time continuum when their earthly bodies expired."

Jun 26, 2007

Socialized Healthcare NOW!

Socialized Police and Fire Departments work just fine.

Can you imagine: "Thanks for calling 911, can I have your credit card #?"

Don't let the Republican boogeymen spook you into fearing socialized medicine. There isn't a much more screwed up system of healthcare than we have now. Free Market Capitalism doesn't work, by itself. It's a horrible failure when melded to government, as we have seen in the recent past.

Capitalism only works by exploiting. Healthcare is a system of nurturing that should be at least partially funded by our system of governance. It is too important to trust to greedy profiteers.

Sicko Amerka

Alternet has a great review Review of Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko.

It looks like it is must-see material.

And meanwhile, while America languishes far behind many other countries in health status (most of those nations poorer than the U.S)-
Our nation cries for a fallen "hero".

Chris Benoit, the Canadian Crippler, AKA the Wolverine, has died along with his wife and 7 seven year old son. Police suspect the WWE celeberity killed his wife and son, then himself.

WWE had a 3 hour tribute to him last night, while the details were still sketchy over what exactly happened.
Now, Controversy burns among WWE fanatics as they hastily invent new scenarios that exonerate "one of the most electrifying sports personalities in the W-W-E" in order to save one of their precious cardboard heroes.
So far, I've seen his wife blamed, Vince Mcmahon blamed, and even one clueless bastard who claimed that Benoit was done in by a rival wrestler because "there's no way he could ever pin Benoit". I even ran across one poor misguided lady who demanded investigations into Vince Mcmahon's death, as well as Chris Benoit's. But apparently she missed the 3 hour tribute last night, which revealed that Mcmahon wasn't actually dead, but had faked his death as a publicity stunt.
Who in the hell doesn't know that Wrestling is fake? What do you want to bet this is where the 29% of Americans that still support Bush come from?

FUCKING MORONS. And worse yet, FUCKING MORONS without Healthcare suplexing their family members on the front lawn after Monday Night RAW.

Founding fathers, I cry with you, sirs. I cry with you

Jun 25, 2007

I'm a baaaaaad boyyyyy....

(uh-hat tip > Fred > The Pime)
Well, goddam hell.
I Can't-Stop-Cursing
(like a Motherfucking Sailor with a doubledose of clap...)
Is there such a thing as typist tourette's?
Maybe there's HELP
Or Maybe I'm just a malicious, foul-mouthed -
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Working For Change


Fanatical Apathy

Jun 22, 2007

Immigration - Blame Corporations

Hat Tip: Alternate Brain

All over America, while regular Americans are bitching about Illegal Immigrants, THIS is happening:

American corporations, assisted by law firms, are actively taking steps to PREVENT hiring of Americans. This isn't Bullshit. The law firms EVEN OFFER SEMINARS that show U.S. Corporations how to do it.

Check out the seminar vid from Youtube, here:

Yes, Americans are being fucked over on a daily basis- but its NOT by illegal aliens. It's by U.S. CORPORATIONS.

Over and fucking over. But go on, keep bitching about the aliens if you will. It's kind of like blaming Columbia for cocaine addiction in the U.S.

Supply and Demand.

If U.S. corporations Weren't ACTIVELY soliciting Illegal labor (with the Assistance of George Bush and his "amnesty") we wouldn't have these problems.

We, the Middle Class of America is being bent over and Fucked by these big business bastards.

At least ask for a fucking kiss, people.

Texas Veteran and Peace Activist Murdered

Texas loses an anti war peace activist...

Honish, MLK Rally 2004

(from Dallasnews )
A peace activist from Denton has been found dead in Flower Mound with a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said Friday.

The victim was identified as David Honish, 52, by the Tarrant County medical examiner's office. A police officer on routine patrol found Mr. Honish dead in his white Ford F-150 pickup truck around 11 p.m. Thursday. The engine was still running.

Police investigators said they do not believe Mr. Honish took his own life.

Mr. Honish identified himself as being a member of a local chapter of Vietnam Veterans against the War, an organization "committed to the struggle for peace and for social justice for all people" and that opposes "senseless military adventures."

In October, Mr. Honish was among about 40 people who took part in a demonstration against torture and the war in Iraq outside the office of U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess in Lewisville. They were part of the local version of "The World Can't Wait" campaign, a North American movement protesting the policies of the Bush administration.

Highway 377 at FM 1171 was closed in both directions early Friday during the police investigation.

Honish was active in several Texas organizations- He has been a member of Veterans for Peace since its inception in 1985. He was also affiliated with the Peace Action Denton group and Vietnam Veterans against the War.

Honish was on the front page of the Sunday Denton paper awhile back.
(Hugo Zoom)

Honish was also an ex-officer in the Denton Co. Libertarian party who became dissatisfied with their lack of action concerning the Iraq war.

I also found his name affiliated with this veteran's anti-war publication: Military Project.org. He was a frequent contributor. I found a lot I like about this man and his efforts to stop the patriot act, the abuse of government powers and the Iraq war. Like myself, he didn't consider himself a pacifist simply because was against the war in Iraq. Here's a great article he wrote, that was posted both on the GI Special newsletter and on the Peace Action Denton website:

GI Special and Peace Action Denton)

Honish, Memorial Day

May 30, 2006 By David Honish, Veterans For Peace

I thought that Memorial Day in Denton [Texas] should mean something more than just a temporary forest of flags sprouting in the downtown business district, so I did something about it.

A few days before the holiday, I emailed another Veterans For Peace guy here in town, with a copy to the local VFP chapter president about 30 miles down the road in Carrollton. I asked if they were interested in doing something public to show the flag a bit on Memorial Day?

I suggested that we stand by the freeway to be seen by as many people as possible. I was pleasantly surprised when the one or two guys I expected to show up turned out to be a dozen men, women, and children willing to spend a couple hours in the steamy Texas sun to share our message.

We had a couple of large VFP banners showing the logo and the website address. There were assorted signs, and maybe half a dozen US flags. I even turned my flag right side up on the pole for the first time in four years. I would be soliciting donations on this day, so I did not need the distraction of my inverted flag as a guaranteed conversation starter.

Thousands of cars and hundreds of semi trucks passed by as we stood between the freeway and the frontage road. Not exactly a scientific poll, but about four of every five truckers blasted their air horns and gave us a thumbs up or peace sign with their fingers.

This was in response to signs stating BRING THEM HOME NOW! and 2464 KIA FOR A LIE. I think that blue collar support for this administration is evaporating. This should not surprise anyone. As in Viet Nam, Iraq is a war being fought by the poor and middle class.

I was about 100 yards away from the rest of our group. I stood on the frontage road stoplight with a ‘tip jar’ labeled VETERANS FOR PEACE.org. I was not pushy about it, just standing on the curb with the jar for any who cared to donate. The most common remark from donors was “thank you for doing this.” One elderly man refueling at the service station on the opposite side of the frontage road walked across three lanes of traffic to donate and tell me “thank you folks for saying what needs to be said.”

Another young couple dug for all the spare change between them as he told me, “I just got out of the Army. I was stop lossed for six months beyond my ETS date. I was over there, in Baghdad. It’s messed up dude! I’m glad that you are out here doing this!”

Most, but not all, were pleasant. A couple of Hummers full of yuppies deliberately avoided eye contact. Maybe they were embarrassed by the presence of somebody showing concern for somebody other than themself?

One lady in particular amused me as she slowly rolled by me saying repeatedly “that’s shameful.” I responded, “Yes mam, it certainly is shameful the way that this administration is destroying The Constitution that I took an oath to protect and defend.” Another Texas big hair lady said, “I thought y’all being veterans would support the war?” She was told, “No mam, we support The Constitution!”

Some people may have mistakenly assumed that membership in Veterans For Peace means that a person is a pacifist? Maybe the maroon Chevy Suburban driver thought this? They failed to make me flinch when they swerved to the very edge of the gutter, passing within inches of me. If I had more time to react to them, they would have lost some paint.
I guess that the tire sidewall damage from scuffing against the curb I was standing on, and driving a bus with a 42 gallon gas tank that only gets 12 mpg will have to be punishment enough for them?

President Bush’s approval rating is currently 29%, and in free fall. I think that before the end of his term, he will break Richard Nixon’s record for the lowest approval rating ever for any sitting president.

My perspective is that of a resident of one of the reddest parts of a so called red state. What I see and hear should frighten George Bush.

Most folks that I come in contact with seem fed up with a needless war based upon a lie.
People are alarmed by the massive erosion of our First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights by the patriot act. Felony wiretapping by the NSA being ignored by the Justice Department is a matter of concern. And of course, the oil corporations are the ONLY segment of the economy not being crippled by $3/gallon gasoline prices.

Well don’t just talk about it America.

Get off your butts and into the streets to do something about it! Call and write your representatives so often that they know your phone number and address from memory. Write letters to your local papers, so that others in your communities know that they are not alone in their disgust with the current government.

The only way that the government shills for the oil corporations will stop killing our children for their profits, is if we refuse to allow it any longer.

David Honish
Chapter 106 North Texas Veterans For Peace

On the GI Special newsletter, after the above, there was also this funny little anecdote:

Clearly he failed to consider the attitude of a Viet Nam era veteran who lived through the excesses of the Nixon administration if he thinks I’m intimidated by a mall cop?

From: David Honish, Veterans For PeaceTo: GI Special
Sent: May 30, 2006
Subject: Mistaken for a pacifist twice in two days?

Instead of parking close to the mall today, I parked at the far edge of the parking lot at Golden Triangle Mall here in Denton. Backed into the parking space so I was tail facing the six lanes of Loop 288.

Stuck my BRING THEM HOME NOW! and the 2464 KIA FOR A LIE signs in the back window facing traffic.

After an hour in the mall, I returned to find a meaningless mall cop parking ticket threatening to have me towed in the future for any additional violations of “mall policy against soliciting.”

That would be a very expensive mistake for them.

They better read up on the state towing laws before they do anything silly.

I circled 80% of the mall building before I found the mall cop’s parked Suzuki to return the ticket to under his windshield wiper blade. Clearly he failed to consider the attitude of a Viet Nam era veteran who lived through the excesses of the Nixon administration if he thinks I’m intimidated by a mall cop?

In the first place, I could hardly be accused of soliciting, since I was neither asking for money, or so much as a petition signature.

The back of his ticket was marked, FUCK YOU OFFICER BONINE!

I’ll make you look silly in court, and cost you a pile of money with a First Amendment suit.

I thought that was reasonably polite under the circumstances?
After all, I did not address it as FUCK YOU MALL COP WEENIE.

Honish was DEDICATED to fighting for what he believed in as an American. He protested loudly and often about the matters that he thought were important enough to stand up for- the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, nuclear waste, more comprehensive 9-11 investigations and supporting the framework of the constitution.

Here's yet another article about Honish's participation in a MLK event in 2004.
Veteran, MLK Marcher Protests Patriot Act

He will be missed. His example should remind us all that blogging just isn't enough. We have to get out there and be heard and seen on the streets, in the newspapers, and through organizations that will have a more direct effect on our countrymen and our country.

Jun 21, 2007

Jun 20, 2007


So, it was another of those weird, half-lived nights...

So much is going "right" for me at this moment, I keep peeking around the corners for the train I just KNOW must be headed for me...

And when I can't find it, something awful inside of me starts looking for tracks to tie myself to.

Clock struck nine. Damn. Where's she at? I busted ass as soon as I got off work. Cleaned the pool. Did the dishes. Even got Amy and Rain to clean their own room, for a change. They must have smelled the adrenaline in the air. Nary an argument... "Come on, Help Daddy. Your brother is flying in tomorrow- let's make everything nice". But that wasn't it.

Yesterday, she kept me from going out, on a whim, which is, invariably, how I do it. No plans for me, If I make plans, I will change them to spite myself. She defeated my best charming smile, unusual for her, but she stood firm and I gave in, with a subtle last ditch assault- "okay, then tomorrow?"

She knows me. She knows that if I want to go out now, I probably won't still want to go out in the uncertain eternity that - is - tomorrow.

So she said, "sure".

So, here I am, waiting for her to get home. House- clean, Check. The girls room -clean, (AMAZING!) check. Cooked dinner- plate in microwave, check. (aren't I a good boyfriend?)

So,"You know what to do, brush your face, wash your teeth, (me and the girls little bs). Hit the bed". A kiss for Rain, who insists on three more kisses, and a chaste pat on the back for Amy, who doesn't allow kisses from Dad. Eeeww!

Lights off, Night light on, and Dad exits the room and puts his hands in the air, like the triumphant cowboy who just hogtied the calf in record time. Yeah, baby! Who's your Daddy?

Then Lauren comes in, and her greeting causes the calves to stampede past our rodeo hero, "Lauren! Lauren!" Yes, they love you, but they also love a reprieve from bedtime.


So, 30 minutes later. Out of the shower. She takes a long hard look at me putting on my jeans and t-shirt.

"Oh, you're going out, after all" Innocently, as if an afterthought, when she's been consumed by nothing else since she got home.

"Yeah". Keep it simple stupid. This is critical time in Kept-Man world. Say too much, and it's "let's-see-how-much-time-I-can-keep-him-here-by-arguing time. And as a veteran, I know the crucial second step- give her the itinerary. If you don't, she will imagine the worst possible scenario, and with ME- that's bad. And guys, DON'T wait til she asks, give the info freely and as honestly as possible...

"Going to go grab some beer, head up to Speed's, play some pool, maybe swing back by Eden's place and check out that truck he's painting..." She goes into "warning label status" which, I try to listen to- but my maleness automatically tunes out. (oh who am I kidding? As soon as she said "Be careful" I totally blocked out everything.) Something about a storm coming in. Uh. yeah.

Slowly pull out of the driveway. Throw in one of my numerous burned cds that I didn't have the inclination to label=- "hmm what's this?" Ahh.. Judith... perfect circle. A good start, semi-subdued malevolence, violence and "fuck your god". The bass line makes the monte carlo tremble in long, tortured shudders. I'm feeling a little exhibitionistic, so I crack the windows. Pull through the ghetto... hear a bass bump from the caddie-hooptie at the light. Creep in slow. The hoodies fear the death metal, always have, always will, probably why I liked it so much as a 5'4 130 lb teenager back in the day. Maybe they can smell the adrenaline, too...

Wired on just being out of the fucking house. Damn. I AM getting old. Stop and get a 12 pack and a rockstar and some big red gum. Head to the bar. Play pool for a while. It's Tuesday, so its slow.Where the hell is everybody? Get tired of playing pool by myself and head back to the bar, watch snippets of the Holyfield fight, (re-run?) and bullshit with DeSade, the bartender-chick, who is a tad bit overweight, wearing a fake corset and extremely, extremely proud of her cleavage (Hey, what's NOT to be proud of). It's fucking boring and about an hour ago I realized I forgot my cell on the dining room table, so I can't call anyone to see where they are at, anyway. Well, it keeps me from entertaining any rare thoughts of booty calls. So, I tip and leave-

Lightning crashes. What was that she said about the weather? I hop in the car, head home. The sky (not skies) in West Texas is a big, singular thing. Everything is so flat on the ground that the sky dwarfs the earth in a mystical way. The lightning is magnificent. No thunder really, a little grumble here and there- but constant silver blue blades of energy crackling down, across, and even up all over. I pull into the drive. It's early. She probably expects me to close down the bars. I get out of the car, pull the 12 pack out of the trunk and climb onto the car. I want to get closer to the sky. Wind whips around and an occasional fat raindrop hits my upturned face as I milk the glory of it all as best I am able.

I compose poetry out loud that I promise myself I will remember to blog later. I don't.

I am off the ground, halfway between earth and sky, half-heartedly hoping for a stray bolt of lightning to end this existence in what I imagine in that moment is the coolest way ever to die.
'God finally got that blasphemous bastard', I see my friends chuckling. I think I can smell the adrenaline.

But, I survive and I move over under the "Father Tree"- the huge elm in my front yard, a tree that was here well before my sixty year old house. Having left the earth, I bring myself back and lie down at the foot of Father and watch the lightning play tricks through the wind-whipped tree limbs. It's a glorious feeling. One with it all.

But wait. Something's missing.

She's going to kill me, and that thought, as much as anything else, lights my face up in another mischevious grin as I rush into the house, wake Lauren and hustle her outside to lay beside me on the ground and experience it all with me. Can she, will she understand?

I don't know. I hope she does, but I'm lost in the moment, and moments later, lost in her kiss as well.

Jun 15, 2007

Send Scooter to Gitmo!

Red State Radio

While channel surfing on the way to work this morning, I tuned in to the John Boy and Billy show on the local classic rock channel. Since for some ungodly reason the powers-that-be in radio have determined by mass market research that people just don't want to hear MUSIC in the mornings, its either John Boy and Billy or Bob and Tom or about three different channels of local yokels talking to the type of people that call into radio stations to chit-chat. And there's only so many times I can hear some old fart dj mangling somebody's name or the sidekick's fake laugh and exclaimations of "Isn't that funny? That's too funny" .... yeah, I'll listen to elevator music before that shit...

Anyway, sometimes John Boy and Billy are funny, mainly when they are making fun of themselves, but I clicked in just as professional curmudgeon Robert D. Raiford was going into his little speechifying... If you don't know who he is, a simple description is a redneck Andy Rooney, minus the whine and plus a couple of shots of whiskey. He's the old coot who's bitching about why the good ole days were so much better than today. He has some interesting takes, some I don't agree with, but when he hits on something that you DO agree with, he kind of takes you to that "Hell yes!" place with him. Today, he was answering a letter from a conservative fan of the "big show" who was upset about comments Raiford had made about global warming.

Oh hell, here we go, I thought. Here comes the "L" word... And I'll be damned. Ole Raiford tore that poor conservative a new one. Now, Raiford ain't a "liberal", ain't no way- But he sure took the argument that "Mark from Knoxville" was making about politics being behind global warming and shot it out of the sky, skinned it, stuffed it, and hung it on the wall like an extinct exhibit from yesteryear.

It's nothing that most of us Liberals didn't already know: Global warming and climate change IS occurring and most of the people who are telling us this aren't liberals or left-wingers but Scientists and about 95% of them at that. It's just that the smart people out there actually give some credence to the scientists who are telling us about potential problems and actively respond with calls to action.

The only people who are putting politics before facts are the people who decry evidence of climate change- simply because they don't want to hear it. And Raiford stated this very succintly. I wish I could find a link to a transcript- if anyone can let me know.

The amazing thing was- this was on the Big Show - A bunch of Nascar rednecks whose humor mainly consists of denigrating the triumvirate of Red-State Enemies: Women in sports, Gays, and immigrants.

So, I was floored that global warming is now even being accepted by the modern day equivalent of a red-state philosopher- A talk show radio celebrity. And he even slammed a listener to do it. Sumbitch!

Hope for America blossomed anew for a moment- and the one good thing about the Big Show- it actually interrupts its own blather to play some classic rock every 10 minutes. So Raiford ended, the Doobie brothers came on with "Listen to the music". And everything was right in the world.

Well, until the song ended, at least, then - back to reality.

"John-boy" or Billy or some other podunk asshole came on with a sports critic guest. First they set up the critic's credentials. Then they talked of a colleague who had been "Imus-ed" for his disparaging remarks about lesbians in the LPGA. After that "innocuous" preface, they then jumped into making fun of women in sports and how they can't compete with the men. After attacking 15 year old Michelle Wie, they turned to Anna Kournikova and what a "baby doll" she was, I turned the radio completely off.

Sigh. Well, at least we won global warming, for today.

Jun 14, 2007

Prison's too good for him

Politically Correct Dis-claimer: Yeah, it's offensive. But I firmly believe the only thing that deters these republican crooks is when they see the dire results of one of their own getting busted and thrown into prison. If fear of prison rape keeps even ONE of these traitors from pissing on the constitution and dragging decent, patriotic Americans' names through the mud while they try to justify the deaths of thousands- then its worth the offensiveness.
Personally, I think this TRAITOR Scooter Libby could serve JUSTICE and prevent further trampling of our freedom by hanging on a gallows on the White House lawn. But until Bush is out of office and America becomes America again, and respects the constitution, I'll have to be satisfied by what punishment he has been given.
And if it hurts your feelings THAT bad, just remember that this white collar piece of shit will be protected way more than the average incarcerated American. I just hope he sees the inside of a jail cell instead of opting for suicide in luxurious Aspen like Ken lay.

The time for mourning is over

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~ Kenzi Miyazawa

The Pain:

Down in the Hollow


Liberally Mirth

(from comments at Liberally Mirth)
I can pretend that its just that I don’t have as much free time as I did - but the truth is that the Democrat failure/surrender affected me really badly- and I just can’t channel my furor in a constructive way.

We won only so they could lose on purpose. The soldiers lives dont matter. The Iraqis lives dont matter. Your neighbors lives dont matter.

This Narcissism and Greed is all the passion that Americans have left. And I’m left sad, a little scared, and so pissed that I have to step back to avoid being drawn into hating them all so bad that I lose my fucking mind.

So can I write about it right now? Can I focus my energies on these scumbags at this moment in time- The Reids, the Pelosis, The Rahm Emannuels and the ultra rich who hold my worn-yet still tangible leash?

Fuck no. I can’t . I feel like that crying indian on his horse. It is such a goddamn horrible waste.

Dang. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for “you people”. There’s a tendency on this blog to revel in depression. You aren’t going to ever get the “political” win you crave. Neither will I. The strange thing is that there can’t be 20% difference between the far left and far right. That puts 60% in the middle.George Bush is history. Better start thinking about tomorrow’s battles instead of worrying about today’s shortcomings of politicians that you perceive to have betrayed you, but who are actually playing chess and hoping for a “win” on some key issues.

The Fuel:

For those of us who have been working damn hard on the blogs, commenting on c&L, talking to our friends and neighbors, writing and calling our politicians, our local and national media, going to rallies and doing everything we could to get the national discourse to change- we did it.

Even the media has changed in the past two years, and for the better. People are getting more involved, becoming more informed. Last year, our politicians didn’t know a Sunni from a Shiite. Why do they now? Because we stayed on their asses. Everytime they told a bald-faced lie - we were there, as a group to expose their lies - and when we did it en masse, it worked- they were held accountable.

Call me crazy, But I firmly believe the reason the Democrats won big in 2006 was because of Internet-efforts that brought Americans like us together to fight the good fight.

We won. And our “team” won in record numbers. And what happened? We got betrayed. The people that we have worked so hard to put in office, that we put our energies, our lifesblood and SO MUCH FUCKING TIME into - used us and put the Most important issues in My lifetime in this country- on the back burner while they jockey for position in baby steps.

I have been alternately infuriated and despondent at this betrayal. But the time for mourning this stab in the back is over. We have gained a lot of ground in the past year. And I am not going to throw it away over incumbent games. There are still representatives in our government that realize there are more important matters than their own precarious political positions.

And truly- the completely political ones SHOULD be the easiest to sway when we wield our influence like a bludgeon. Cast off your sadness at this setback and renew your efforts!
I vowed that I wouldn’t let the scumbag political animals on the right keep running my country into the ground. And I’ll be damned if I let the scumbags on the left do it either!

Keep the pressure up. Stay on top of these bastards. Our country is only lost when we give up.


Jun 13, 2007

Babbling Troublemakers

Fuckity-fuck-fuck! I know I haven't really blogged about anything useful in a long while. Ever since I passed my damn test, I've been working exponentially harder and have less time to fuck around up here at work. Now that I'm officially a professional, I've been expected to act like it and actually do shit up here.

I haven't had time for this blog, haven't had time for my 360 blog, haven't even had time to simply screw around and make funny jpg morphs that insult various religions, politicians, and close personal friends (always the most amusing).

Shit's been flying fast and furious and I haven't even had time to duck, just plowing through the torrential effluence as best as I can.

Personal issues have been piling up, but in a good way: The gf got her masters, we find out if she's got a job in her field in an outlying suburb of Lubbock at the end of this week. If she gets it, there are pros and cons- Mainly pros, but it means I sell my house in the ghetto and we buy a new home. I haven't moved in 10 years, and I am not looking forward to it. I love my little hood house.

For all those of you reading this who know me personally and have partied at my house- you KNOW how much I love it. The Best thing about living in the hood- No one calls the cops. The police have only been by once in 10 years. The first time was a keg party about ten years ago. I was only 24- and drove up with two kegs in the back of my truck to find the police in my front yard. They were running people off before the party had even started.

I pulled up, started unloading the kegs.
"Hold it- hold it! What do YOU think you're doing?"the first officer inquired.
"I'm getting ready to have a party." I was sober and hadn't done anything wrong, I figured whatever reason they were here wasn't valid or didn't involve me anyway. The first officer, who ended up doing the good cop routine, wanted to know who rented this house. I informed Mr. good cop that I didn't rent it, I owned it.

Mr. Bad cop didn't believe me. I didn't give a shit. They were going through their little cop spiel when I interrupted Mr. Bad cop-

"Why are you here?" I asked, pointedly. (Always talk to the Bad cop. Go straight for the asshole, it saves time). "Your friends are disrespectful!" He leaned in, glaring, inches away.

"I wasn't aware that was against the law" I said sarcastically. Then I tried to channel my father, (the biggest asshole I know) and glared right back, even leaning in too.
"Why-Are-You-Here? I know my neighbors didn't call you. I know you haven't received a complaint, so what's the deal?"

Good cop looked a little taken aback, things weren't going the way he had planned. Bad cop, one of Lubbock's finest - a total redneck prick, didn't miss a beat : "No, no one called us- we were headed down the street on a domestic abuse call when one of your friends decided to flip off the Po-Leese" (he even said it just like that "Po-leese").

"Huh?!" And jaded as I am, I was even a little shocked- My mouth is much faster than my brain and I popped out with "You mean to tell me that there's some poor woman being beat down the street and you stopped here because some little punk FLIPPED YOU OFF?"
I looked from good cop to bad cop, and it was right there on their faces- Good cop had the grace to look embarrassed. Bad cop didn't give a shit. His face got red but I plowed right on, invincible because I was stone cold sober- "Do I need to go check on her? How long have you been here? 2o minutes? Jesus are you guys for real? "

Good cop finally grabbed the about-to-explode-Bad cop and said something about "we're going to be watching you" and started to leave. Bad cop said if he had to come back out here, he was going to arrest me on the spot, no questions asked. I replied "If you ACTUALLY get a complaint from one of my neighbors, I'll put the handcuffs on for you." Insert shit-eating grin here.

I felt like the battle was won, so I threw them a bone- I looked at good cop and said "It looks like you've run off all the troublemakers so I thank you for that." Good cop was mollified a tiny bit, and I think he may have been imagining that they needed to get to that domestic call asap. Bad cop still glared and repeated he was going to be back. My smart ass kicked in again- and I stepped towards him, "What was your name Officer?" I studied his little nameplate. "Okay Officer-____" Whatever-the-fuck (I forgot his name, it's been a long time). "Now ya'll go help that lady, we've all got things to do."

And they left. And I'll be damned, they actually DID stop a block down. They did a drive by again, the next morning, about 10am, I guess when their shift was over.

They drove by slowly, fully gaping at these weird white boys in the middle of the mexican ghetto. There were about four of us still standing at that point. We had what was left of the second keg outside and were drinking and filling up 3 kiddie pools that we had bought at wal-mart during the middle of the night. We waved. They waved back, laughing.

Never had any problems after that.

And- Shit, my boss is yelling. This damn trip down memory lane took longer than I thought...

Jun 11, 2007

Split Reality

I. Survival

Real life drifts too close

Clarity strikes evil chords

Must-push it away


II. Confrontation

Bring the fires closer

Look deep inside the mirror

Face the Flame and Win

Jun 7, 2007

Fate is to fade

ThePoetryMan posted a haunting poem over at Liberally Mirth.

It's under the Sheehan Interview

Jun 6, 2007

How the Government will Save you from Terror, Part one

The US government has a new website, www.ready.gov , displaying public service symbols for terrorism readiness in the tradition of the old "duck and cover" campaigns.

The fun thing is that these pictures are so ambiguous they could mean anything!

If you have set yourself on fire, do not run.

If you spot terrorism, blow your anti-terrorism whistle.
If you are bald, yell really loud.

If you spot a terrorist arrow, pin it against the wall with your shoulder.

If you are sprayed with an unknown substance, stand and think about it instead of seeing a doctor.

Use your flashlight to lift the walls right off of you!

The proper way to eliminate smallpox is to wash with soap, water, and at least one armless hand.

Michael Jackson is a terrorist. If you spot this smooth criminal with dead, dead eyes, run the fuck away.

Hurricanes, animal corpses, and the biohazard symbol have a lot in common. Think about it.

Be on the lookout for terrorists with pinkeye and leprosy.
Also, they tend to rub their hands together manically.

Government Explanation: If a door is closed, karate chop it open.
Rovian Counter Explanation: (ala Busker ) Questions about terror scores, the no-fly list, and warrantless wiretaps, as well as any and all other inquiries relating to America's GWOT strategy, may be brought to the Antiterror Enforcement Complaints Authority, where you may 1) talk to the hand, and then 2) leave.


If your building collapses, cower under a desk and kiss your ass goodbye.

Try to absorb as much of the radiation as possible with your groin region.
After 5 minutes and 12 seconds, however, you may become sterile.

After exposure to radiation it is important to consider that you may have mutated to gigantic dimensions: watch your head.

If you've become a radiation mutant with a deformed hand, remember to close the window. No one wants to see that shit.

If you hear the Backstreet Boys, Michael Bolton or Yanni on the radio, it is a psychological terror attack. Cower in the corner or run like hell.

If your lungs and stomach start talking, stand with your arms akimbo until they stop.

Halliburton Headquarters is in Houston. Avoid at all costs.

If you are trapped under falling debris, conserve oxygen by not farting.

When approached by Der Shrubenfuhrer or the Blackwater Shrubtroopers, quickly bow then assume the fetal position so as to not appear "terroristical"

Do not drive a station wagon if a power pole is protruding from the hood.

A one-inch thick piece of plywood should be sufficient protection against radiation. Always carry one!

Pay attention to the signs! You are now Government-Ready-ized to face Armageddon! Enjoy the remainder of the show.

If you have better lines for the "Danger Signs" feel free to post them in the comments... Whoever I think has the best lines will get (absolutely free!) an official Fade Arma-ged-it-on Survivor Kit, which of course, includes an obligatory Arrogant Bastard Ale (the Unofficial beer of the Apocalypse).

Jun 1, 2007

Heroes versus Torturers

"Heroes" and "24" Comparison by the incomparable Juan Cole.