Dec 14, 2007

Common sense held hostage

CNBC is full of shit
... but you know this.

Forced to watch this shit in my office, day in, day out, I have decoded almost every nuance of their doublespeak and mass marketing manipulation - from the ridiculously transparent- closet Nambla member Larry Kudlow- to the few who actually sound like they know something at times. And don't even get me started on that mental midget Kramer.... sheesh.

And this week, the morons on CNBC have reached a true depression of market commentary. I found this gem about CNBC's spin doctors by Kevin Duffy via Financial

Beam me up

Kevin pretty much nails it. What the CNBC audience of amateur investors doesn't know is that the market, by and large, isn't moved by every fricking news item that pops up hour by hour, the way that the CNBC cheerleaders portray it. But oh well, got to keep the rubes throwing their money into the market so the bigtime money managers can lap it up.

Another good article is there - an interview with Ron Paul. You wouldn't know it from reading liberal blogs (like this one? ha!) but Ron Paul is, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable of all the candidates concerning economics. That said, my vote is going to John Edwards. PERIOD. Ron Paul shares some of Edwards' viewpoints, but Ron Paul's drawback can be summed up as the drawback of all the Republicans, as Markos put in his Newsweek column recently:

In his first Inaugural Address, Ronald Reagan remarked that "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." While the quip has provided Republicans with a cheap slogan for two decades, the philosophy behind it is beginning to box them in. If they govern effectively, they invalidate their own antigovernment ideology. And when you elect people who believe that government won't work, you shouldn't be surprised when government stops working.

I want someone who believes that Goverment CAN FUNCTION and can do a better job of its governance, and this is NOT accomplished by giving corporations even more free rein over American life. This is not accomplished by dismantling OSHA and EPA. We in the financial field know this as an absolute truth:


Regulation and Governance is what made America successful for so long. Free Market, my ass! Without proper regulation and governance, America is doomed. And prime Example #1 is the past seven years and this clown:

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The interview with Ron Paul is a good one. Anyone who does any actual background on him can see that he has a very impressive record. In a better country, losers like Guliani and Huckabee would be laughed out of the race. Hillary wouldn't stand a chance as the liberal candidate with her poor voting record and Edwards would be leading, followed closely by Gravel and Kuc.

But we live in a country where our wits, our courage, and our common sense are being held hostage by terrorists (and no, I don't mean the turban wearing kind).

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