Dec 27, 2007

Because too many lame ass tattoos just wasn't enough

Note to all you sleeve-tattoo wearing badasses:

You are a dumb shit. And your tattooed head-to-toe-peers are just getting to be
more and more fucking retarded.

Being inked doesn't mean you are a rebel anymore. Covering yourself with tattoos doesnt set you apart anymore. Too many tattoos are like too many facial piercings: It just means you are a pathetic attention whore begging for someone to look twice at you.

I have a tattoo. I have friends who have tattoos. One of my best friends is a tattoo artist who is covered in ink. Some of his tats are cool. But when he's covered in them, you can't really pick out the good artwork amidst all the chaotic imagery.

Plus, as he ages and the ink bleeds out, the tats turn into shit. Of course by that time, maybe you are less concerned with decorating your body so you look bitchin' and more concerned with something besides your appearance. He's not. But he's kind of, well, a drug addict without much of a life beyond his collection of tattoos. And I suppose those tats serve a purpose- maybe they help him find others of like mind by waving his freak flag high.

But hey- instead of painting your body up like every other douchebag in the country right now, what say you forego the "I'm an individual" artwork and- I don't know- maybe develop a personality?

It may be too late to prevent marking yourself up with your biker revlon, but it's NEVER too late to STOP being a dumb shit.



PoliShifter said...

OMG...implants for a tattoo?

We're just getting fucking stupider every day.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking this guy has too much money to spend on stupid shit if he can afford transplants for his tat.

Freida Bee said...


I need an arm of tattoos to cover a lameass tattoo. It's an endless cycle, but seriously, I do. It's shallow, I know, but seriously, I have had my astrological chart on my right arm from 10 years ago, or as I tell people, "A depiction of where the planets were when I was born." Does that sound more scientific?

That's my deep in comments confession.

Fade said...

lol... yeah it was pretty mean, pickin on those sensitive tattooed types... Well, hey, at least you are getting the lame-ass covered with something new and cool. full disclosure, I have come very very close to getting some of the stupidest tattoos possible- one was a naked betty boop with a banner that I am too embarrassed to even mention here. and the other was a full blown back piece that was a spell from the Necronomicon. OH,those drunken college days... I thank whatever limited self control I have that saved me from screwing up so bad. I still want a cool backpiece, that I am constantly sketching and revising. One of these days I may actually get it.