Dec 19, 2007

Tis the Season to be jolly...

(so I guess I'll drop the piss and vinegar, just for a minute)...

A local "Conservative" blogger was ranting Bill O'Reilly-like about the War on Christmas, Pagan liberals who want to take away the season and all the usual bs.. I know every year I shoot down these zealots who want to boil everything in their life down to Us versus Them. In fact, I already did my annual War on Christmas post/rant, I thought I would just reprint my comment on his blog, here. I actually eschew self-control or moderation on this blog most of the time, but hey- I'm in the Christmas spirit- so I think this little comment nicely puts why "Christmas" is more than the birth of christ holiday to millions of Americans...

"The Christian Deconstruction Alliance"? ... I am laughing out loud as I read this ridiculousness. It is silly to be dismayed at "Happy Holidays" which, truly is an accurate representation of all the myriad celebrations which encompass this season.

A more devout christian might desire to distance themself from the greed of this holiday. Christians may indeed celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year, instead of in Spring, as most biblical scholars understand Jesus was born. But most of this holiday/s has its roots in the centuries predating Christ and from areas that my ancestors come from, - Scandinavia, Germany, Ireland, as well as all the other areas of the world that celebrated in the dead of winter to usher in the new year and the warmer seasons.

The religions of jews in the middle east are not a universal one for Americans. Real christians understand that scripture even warns against the yule and winter solstice celebrations. Certain early American christians reviled Yuletime and did not allow it, such as the Puritans. Eventually the roots of those yuletide celebrations won out over the real ban on this holiday.

If you want to celebrate the birth of Christ, do it sir. But do not continue to perpetuate the myth that the oldest historical holidays that currently make up "Christmas" were for the birth of a jew in the middle east a mere 2000 years ago. Do you have a christmas tree up, decorated with trinkets and lights? A wreath? Is your family giving of gifts and telling your children about Santa Claus? Realize that these trappings are NOT of a christian nature. If you value this Holiday for ONE reason and one reason alone, and it appears you do- then you need to rail against christmas trees, materialism, and the commercializing of Jesus that is occurring right now - NOT at people who are correct in wishing you "Happy Holidays".

My children will celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time of year AND we will celebrate the Yule, both longstanding family traditions. We will enjoy home and hearth, love and family and joy for what little we have. And we will pay homage to the ultimate teaching of Christ: Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards man.And if I accidentally say "Happy Holidays" Instead of "Merry Christmas" (I use the term interchangeably) and an old sourpuss like you wants to huff away like a Scrooge, I'll scratch my head in wonderment and walk on, unperterbed. It's christmas,after all! Time to make merry, not grump about.

Unless something major happens, I probably won't blog anymore til after the Holidays are over. My sons are coming into town and I will be busy being Superdad with the whole family together. So everyone have a good one... Happy Holidays You Pagan Liberal Bastardos! And Merry Christmas you Fundie Jew Zeus Freaks!


Targa said...

Have yourself a Merr.... uh, happy holidays, Fade.

Myslelf, I like to think I'm part of the PLB contingent.

Targa said...

Myslelf??? That's code for all elves to join in the pagan rituals.... probably.

Fade said...

uh, Targa.. bud, did you omit Eggnog from that list...?

Of course, we know MY Motto, "s'fuck it, ish chrishmash!"