Nov 4, 2008


Free at last, Free at last... Lord Almighty, we are free at last!

House of Representatives: Check

Senate: Check

Presidency: Check
The Bush that broke the camels back
Not a moment too soon. It does not speak highly of my fellow Americans that we came close to electing another carbon copy of that madman Bush.
Racism, narcissism and ignorance still fuel a large segment of the American population. I am surrounded my those who are voting for McCain here in West Texas. I have yet to find even ONE of these folks who actually believe in McCain. They fear and hate Obama, though. They send text messages in the millions daily - racist jokes and lynching fantasies. I knew most people in this area were racist. This list includes my co-workers, my family, and even some people I considered friends. But the level that this group of people has outed themselves at shocks even this Redneck. I guess all it takes is one uppity nigger-and the very real fear that the White man's thumb on everything is being removed.
Change. That's what they fear.
They can't stop it. But thank Crom we've stopped them, at least for the moment. Every day more of these McCarthyist dinosaurs breathe their last, cancerous breath and new Americans are born to breathe fresh new life into this country.
Change is coming.
It's not gloating, it is tears of joy and relief...

In case you've forgotten - some memories of the Republican Reign of Terror:


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and for shits and giggles:
Images from the House of the Rising Sons from the past 4 years


Targa said...

It's good to be on the winning side.... an historic winning side.


jobsanger said...

The darkness has lifted. It looks like America may have a future after all.

Mauigirl said...

It's about time! Americans finally realized it doesn't pay to listen to the fear-mongering and they finally realized they'd been played for patsies for 8 years.

It's a new day!!!

Anonymoustache said...

Right on, Fade!

Faded said...

Jeez= the lynching jokes have DOUBLED this morning via text message. I send this reply to them:

"Boy, the white trash sho is threatened by a black man in the whitehouse. What ya'll don't seem to get is that to a millionaire Repub WE ARE ALL NIGGERS."

Note I use the word Nigger in response to their use of it. Plus you might as well face some of the closet racists by throwing their bullshit back in their faces. Please OUT your local Racists. When you get a racist joke in your work email, forward it to your boss- and let him know you don't appreciate it. One of my co-workers actually just flat out said she wished Obama dead this morning. I asked her if she needed a new KKK hood this christmas.

Hit back against these scumbags. They may think it's open season on Obama and Black Americans, but it aint. It's a federal offense to threaten the President's life. Report these lowlife motherfuckers.

I cannot believe there hasn't been any coverage about these mass Racist text messages... Has anyone seen any links about this crap? Surely this isn't just happening here in West Texas? If anyone sees anything concerning this, please let me know.

Liberality said...

honey I hear ya about finding out how racist your neighbors, friends and relatives can be! but I am high today because Indiana is in the blue! and it feels read good!

Mauigirl said...

I haven't seen anything like this but of course I live in deep blue New Jersey.

Saw my next-door neighbor, who is African-American, and we exchanged excited cheers for Obama's victory - then she got serious and said "He's going to need all of our prayers to keep him safe. I hope they don't assassinate him. Seems like anytime we get something good, somebody takes it away."

It was a very poignant moment and it is all too true a danger. It's amazing what evil morons there are out there. You are right, we have to remain always vigilant and continue to push back against these people.

C.J. said...

Hiya Fade! Great day to be an American! The racists will NOT win!!

No time to blog. Are you on Facebook? If so send, me an E:

Faded said...

Hey everybody! nice to hear from ya'll. CJ- nope no facebook, myspace,fubar,or yahoo 360 stuff anymore. Just this blog and my personal one, the Lost in the Tubes...

I guess expecting some sort of losing grace from Republicans was a little ridiculous on my part. They've got kids wearing black to school because of the "death of our country" due to Obama's election... I just keep telling myself- it's just these backwater ass hillbilly dumbshits. But man, I just finished a dinner in a public place and all you could hear at every table was Obama bashing and jokes about killing him. And all from good "God-fearing Christians". And half of them are Mexican Americans, some with illegal immigrants in their family. I just don't get how these people can fawn over the Republican party like such automatons. It's hard to live in such an environment. Maybe I've been delusional to stay in this area and try to make a dent in the mindsets of people with such tiny little minds...

I hope Obama comes out swinging.