Nov 21, 2008

Republican Spam

I receive at least one of those "George Carlin says/Bill Cosby says/David Letterman says/Insert Celebrity name says" emails once a week.

It is always some speak english/worship the flag and the pledge of allegiance/don't take the word "God" off money bullshit. And it's always a lie concerning who wrote the damn thing-

For those of you who get the same standard Republican email spam every day from your lackwit friends and relatives, I've got a canned response that you can customize and respond to all with:
( in order to save you time and effort with the mouthbreathers)

Please forward this to all:

The thing about these email-shortcuts to independent thought is that every single time a "concerned American" sends out these simple-minded screeds- is that they feel they have to say they were written by a celebrity in order to give them some sort of legitimacy. So, they will attribute it to some famous, well-liked celebrity instead of having the guts to put his/her own name on it.

It doesn't take a genius to know David Letterman didn't write this simplistic bit of airy propaganda, with its jingoistic, xenophobic, and not-so subtle racism.

People - please look further than your email box for political insight. I implore you- read a book, preferably a history book- and explore insights that may even seem antithetic to your current world-view.

It REALLY undermines the person's viewpoint in this email, in the simple fact that he had to lie about who really wrote it. If someone really believes what he is saying, why lie about who said it?
My name is Kirk Berryhill and I may not be a celebrity, but I have the guts to stand behind my own words. Please do so yourselves and you will discover that, like the lie concerning who wrote this crap, you will discover more simple lies wrapped in "common sense".

And don't be afraid to piss off Aunt Edna. If unanswered, these morons will never comprehend that there is an alternative other than their circle-of-stupidity-groupthink. Tell them Un-flock themselves.

And hope for the best. The stupid, as bad as it burns, is really contagious.


Batocchio said...

You might like this, then:

Mauigirl said...

Yes, this and those annoying religious ones too (ending with "Why can we forward jokes but not something about Jesus" etc.). A friend and I were just complaining about this.

For the ones you're talking about or any that aren't true, I love looking them up on, sending them the link and telling them the thing they sent isn't true. I usually don't get more of them after that.

Faded said...

apparently this reply works really well. My mother in law is threatening to cancel Thanksgiving and not come see the new baby over it.

They cans dish it out, but they no cans take it.

I apologized, of course, to keep the peace. She's still all pissy and shit, especially after she looked up Xenophobe. Oh well. If she wants to see her very first grandchild, thats on her, not me. Fricking people have no sense of responsibility for their actions. If she wants to email me some offensive shit, she might get some back. Deal with it - or don't. I'm sick of having to baby sore loser Republicans who think Obama is the antichrist.

GDAEman said...

Fortunately, I don't seem to receive these. It pays to stay away from those sites ;-)