Nov 6, 2007

Conspiracy to terrorize

Crooks and Liars has Keith Olbermann's latest special comment :
Bush's Criminal Conspiracy of Torture

C&L has the full video and the full transcript as well.

Here are the choicest speaking truth-to-power excerpts:

"The presidency of George W. Bush has now devolved into a criminal conspiracy to cover the ass of George W. Bush."
"All of it is now — after one revelation last week — transparently clear for what it is: the pathetic and desperate manipulation of the government, the re-focusing of our entire nation, towards keeping this mock president, and this unstable vice president, and this departed wildly self-over-rating Attorney General — and the others — from potential prosecution for having approved or ordered the illegal torture of prisoners being held in the name of this country."
"Instead, he was forced out as Acting Assistant Attorney General, nearly three years ago, because he had the guts to do what George Bush couldn’t do in a million years: actually put himself at risk for the sake of his country, for the sake of what is right."
"Water-boarding, he said, is torture.
Legally, it is torture!
Practically, it is torture!
Ethically, it is torture!

And he wrote it down.
Wrote it down somewhere, where it could be contrasted with the words of this country’s 43rd President: “The United States of America does not torture.”

Made you into a liar, Mr. Bush.

Made you into, if anybody had the guts to pursue it, a criminal, Mr. Bush.

Water-boarding had already been used on Khalid Sheik Mohammed and a couple of other men none of us really care about — except, Sir, for the one detail you’d forgotten — that there are rules, and even if we just make up these rules, this country observes them anyway, because we’re Americans, sir, and we’re better than that.

We’re better than you.

And the man your Justice Department selected to decide whether or not water-boarding was torture, had decided, and not in some phony academic fashion, nor while wearing the Walter Mitty poseur attire of flight-suit and helmet.

He had put his money, Mr. Bush, where your mouth was.

So, your sleazy sycophantic henchman Mr. Gonzales had him append an asterisk suggesting his black-and-white answer wasn’t black-and-white, that there might have been a quasi-legal way of torturing people, maybe with an absolute time limit and a physician entitled to stop it, maybe, if your administration had ever bothered to set any rules or any guidelines…
And then when your people realized that even that was too dangerous, Daniel Levin was branded “too independent” and “someone who could (not) be counted on.”
In other words, Mr. Bush, somebody you couldn’t count on to lie for you."
"And they should look into their own committee’s history and recall that in 1973, their predecessors were able to wring even from Richard Nixon, a guarantee of a Special Prosecutor (ultimately a Special Prosecutor of Richard Nixon!), in exchange for their approval of his new Attorney General, Elliott Richardson.

If they could get that out of Nixon, you — before you confirm the President’s latest human echo tomorrow — you better be able to get a “yes” or a “no” out of Michael Mukasey.

Ideally, you should lock this government down financially until a special prosecutor is appointed — or fifty of them — but I’m not holding my breath. The “yes” or the “no” on water-boarding will have to suffice.

Because, remember if you can’t get it, or you won’t with the time between tonight and the next presidential election likely to be the longest year of our lives, you are leaving this country, and all of us, to the water-boards — symbolic and otherwise — of George W. Bush.
Ultimately, Mr. Bush, the real question isn’t who approved the water-boarding of this fiend Khalid Sheik Mohammed and two others.

It is: why were they water-boarded?

Study after study for generation after generation, sir, has confirmed that torture gets people to talk, torture gets people to plead, torture gets people to break, but torture does not get them to tell the truth.

Of course, Mr. Bush, this isn’t a problem if you don’t care if the terrorist plots they tell you about, are the truth or just something to stop the tormentors from drowning them.

If, say, a President simply needed a constant supply of terrorist threats to keep a country scared…

If, say, he needed phony plots to play hero during, and to boast about interrupting, and to use to distract people from the threat he didn’t interrupt…

If, say, he realized that even terrorized people still need good ghost stories before they will let a President pillage the Constitution…

Well, heck, Mr. Bush, who better to dream them up for you… than an actual terrorist?

He’ll tell you every thing he ever fantasized doing, in his most horrific of daydreams — his equivalent of the day you “flew” onto the deck of the Lincoln to explain you’d won in Iraq.
Now if that’s what this is all about — you tortured not because you’re so stupid you think torture produces confession — but you tortured because you’re smart enough to know it produces really authentic-sounding fiction — well, then you’re going to need all the lawyers you can find because that crime wouldn’t just mean impeachment, would it, sir?

That crime would mean George W. Bush is going to prison. "
"But at last this frightful plan is ending with an unexpected crash, the shocking reality that no matter how thoroughly you might try to extinguish them, Mr. Bush, how thoroughly you tried to brand disagreement as disloyalty, Mr. Bush, there are still people like Daniel Levin who believe in the United States of America as true freedom, where we are better, not because of schemes and wars, but because of dreams and morals.

And ultimately, sir, these men, these patriots, will defeat you and they will return this country to its righteous standards, and to its rightful owners, the people."

Well, there's ONE real journalist out there, telling it like it is.

Olbermann Special Comments

And by the way, I'm done with my part of providing information on this blog.

You, the sons and daughters of America, have to rise to the occasion in your own homes. You have to stand up for what you believe this country is supposed to stand for. My house is not your retreat any longer. It's not your home for feeling as if you are rebelling against the status quo by arguing and bickering. All the information is out there. All the facts about this fascist terrorist in the white house have been laid bare for all to see.

It's time to stop leaning on excuses and pseudo-activism. You either cower in your own little homes, allowing them to herd you where they will - or you ACT.

It's up to all of us to prove that this is NOT A NATION OF SHEEP. It is up to us to save our country from these bloody handed bastards.

For make no mistake, these men are destroying the United States of America far faster and far more completely than any third world nutjob could ever hope to.

There's a thousand ways to stand up for your country and make it a better place. There's only ONE way to let it down and see it ruined forever - and that's by remaining locked into your see-no-evil stare, going about your daily business as if there is nothing wrong.

America needs you. Are you going to sit there and do nothing? If you do, you've got no one to blame but yourselves. In the end, it will take us all, to fix our corrupt government and our maimed democracy. Get out there and lend a hand to your fellow Americans. Speaking out is good, but actions speak louder than words. Vote, run for office, give your time and your money to worthy organizations and people who are out there right now fighting for our country while we let the battle pass us by because we don't want to trouble ourselves to get involved.

Our country is only as great as we make it. If we let the vermin and the corporate leeches and the fat rich ticks suck our country dry, then we don't deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Targa said...

Awesome. I was watching KO Monday... You could see he was PO'd!! He was almost frothing at the mouth. This was, I think, his most impressive special commentary.

navyswan said...

I really think that even most of the people who blog really don't think this country is as far gone as it currently is. I sometimes have to wonder about how many people actually do see the situation as the really dire situation it really is.

Keep on fighting for the truth Fade. We, here in the South, have stood up and spoken out despite the fact that we are the minority. My only question is where is the majority of the blue states?

The Doctor said...

And by the way, I'm done with my part of providing information on this blog.

I can relate. I don't bother trying to provide information on my blog anymore - only ridicule.