Nov 7, 2008

In Search of the greater good

Kester has an excellent post about leadership and what the Tao Te Ching has to say about it.

He also had a funny post that addresses Blue States vs. Red States, an old joke but a good one. It struck me though, that pitting "us" vs. "them" (as I am guilty of all the time, I know) isn't really smart or good for our future. Nobody's going to pack up and leave the country just because the leader of the "other party" won.

Texas and my fellow Texans have never seemed so ... just damn 'back-ards' as they do this week, with almost every Republican Christian I know praying for the Death of Obama (Seriously).. I would like to point out to Eva that the real Socialist elites are the guys who who 700 Billion bucks to bail themselves out... I don't know How much money these people THINK goes to welfare but believe me, it ain't even close to that number, which is just designed to keep the Rich Elite from falling into the ranks of the Underpriveleged (which, to them, is the under 1 million a year crowd).

The statistics were the most interesting thing to me from the joke post. As someone who loves my whole country, red states and blue states alike, I'm not big on gloating at this point. I just want to take back the country from the willfully stupid and their leaders who can feed their supporters lies all day long and pretend their will never be a backlash.

Note to the Redstate Repubs: Now that the Election is over you can let the scales fall from your eyes(please, o please) and note these TRUTHS, which if simply acknowledged may serve to move this country forward.

1. Obama is a Christian, not a muslim. He may not be the Perfect Christian, but then, neither are you, are you?

2. Obama is definitely not even in the top 20 most liberal Democrats currently serving in the Senate. He is extremely centrist, he has always reached across the aisle (despite the way Republicans have scorned Democrats while they were controlling the country) and he will continue to be bipartisan, (despite the future loud protestations of Democrats).

3. Electing a half-black man who believes that the future of this country lies with the lower and middle class and their well-being, NOT the rich, truly "elitist" CEO entitlement crowd is NOT the Death of our nation. The Death of our nation was narrowly averted. The Death of America and its ideals are being a country that tortures, a country that ignores the rule of law and the constitution, a nation that bombs and invades other countries without provocation, and a nation that only gives flag-waving lip service to its true ideals: Equality, Freedom, and Independence.

If the minds of the red-staters can be wrapped around these three simple ideals, then perhaps we can move forward TOGETHER. Hell, if I can put away my guillotine for the moment, surely ya'll can too.
If we continue to embrace red and blue only, and embrace the black and the white only, we are doomed to witness the death of this nation. Extreme views bring only extreme realities.

Black and White


PoliShifter said...

I am just hoping the smearing emails stop...

Apparently people are stocking up on guns too out of fear Obama's gonna take them away...

While it is trues that politicians devide us via relion and "family values" while duping poor white trash to vote Republican cause someday he might be a millionaire and he don't wanna pay all those potential future taxes...and yes the US vs. Them is bad for all of us...

A part of me thinks we would be beter off splitting into two countries.

Looking at the electoral map where the red states are, it fits pretty nice. If you want your kid to carry his AK-47 to school while learning that the earth is 5000 years old while your wife dies in labor cause she couldn't have a life saving abortion then you can go live there.

I think this election showed a majority of people are not down with Theocracy Palin style.

But there are some who are and maybe they should have their own country where they can do what they want.

Hell, I would be happy if the Red States just stopped taking more tax dollars than they pay while accusing me of being a socialist.

Elmo said...

I guess I have to agree with, its logical and all. We may have no use for our bitchslapping talents at this point. But we still have to follow their retreat, and not let the worst of them regroup. Maybe the strategy of "Killing them with Kindness" applies here. Except we'd be "Killing them with Equality, Freedom, and Independence."

I can go there, bro. But don't expect me to leave my guard down...

Mauigirl said...

Very well said.

I have a right-wing friend who had been forwarding me some of those smearing e-mails and I argued back to her. After the election I sent her a conciliatory note and told her basically the same things you said in your post - that she doesn't need to be afraid of him, he's not a communist or a Muslim (not that there's anything wrong with being a Muslim, I added), and that he isn't a left-wing nutjob, but a fairly centrist Democrat. I told her that I hoped I could convince her of these things because if she believes all the things she sent me then I feel bad that she'll be that frightened of her own president for four years. I said it sincerely.

She never answered.

Hill said...

As usual, thoughtful and beautifully written.


susan vanhecke said...

Kirk Berryhill, could you please contact me re: use of one of your photos in a children's book. Thx.

GDAEman said...

"Us vs Them" should not be confused with holding Bush administration officials accountable for their crimes. Impunity is a potential seed of society's demise.