Sep 19, 2007

So what if it was the oil?

"It's not about the oil, you goddamn Commie Hippie!"

Greenspan: Of course, we all knew it was about the oil, and we were right to worry. But, of course, we still have oil problems, but they aren't as bad as they WOULD Be...

Yes, Al, and the economy wouldn't be fucked if you had done something other than promote the quick fix during your tenure, a habit that Bernanke seems to be falling into. Hey, whatever keeps big business happy, right?

The Quick fix is killing America. Shortcuts and short term repairs do nothing but make the problem worsen in the long run.

Americans seem to be incapable of promoting any real solutions to ANY of our problems, whether it is foreign policy, the economy, national security, or lessening our nation's reliance on crude oil.

Get this: Tax "relief" hasn't relieved me, and it hasn't relieved Middle Class America. It has only put off the economic correction amongst the rich by allowing them the illusion that they still have plenty of money to play with. Meanwhile, the superstructure of the nation disintegrates around them.

The Iraq war and removing Saddam Hussein has not solved oil problems whatsoever. Oil is at record highs, without any real reason to be trading this high, except for the Iran confrontation- which of course, is completely unnecessary. Only one group profits from destroying oil production facilities in Iran.

Guess who that is? Anyone even remotely involved in the oil industry. Saudi Arabia profits. Exxon Mobil profits. Bushco profits. And the neocons get a hard on from killing more people and bombing the shit out of something, anything.

Who loses? Everyone else. I lose, you lose, everyone who can't afford $3 a gallon gas loses because the price shoots to $5 a gallon. Our troops in Iraq lose as muslims will double their resistance against Western aggression, since, once again, it is obvious that Iran is no threat to the U.S. Our standing in the world loses even more ground as the world's nations continue to see the U.S. as an aggressor who is bombing Iran not because they are a threat to our security, but because they are a threat to our oil profits. Russia wins, because their standing goes up as one of the few nations that can stand against Imperialist America. China wins for the same reason. Venezuela, Iran, and a host of other countries turn to them for assistance and sell their exports at cheaper rates, and even REFUSE to trade in the U.S. dollar, as certain central american countries have done, recently.

The Economy loses, for reasons that I quoted Friedman from Stratfor here recently. The U.S. Dollar is not tied to stability anymore, but volatility. And although volatility is good for short term gains, it does far more damage in the end.

And that's what it is, short term volatile gains for now, right fucking now, this day, this minute, this second. Planning for the long haul is for suckers, according to popular business psychology today. By THEN, surely we'll be safe. Someone else will solve it. No need to be a chicken little, right?

"You want to be a have or a have-not? The middle class is dying, where do you want to be?" An industry insider asked me yesterday. The implied wisdom being that you fleece the flock and get to the top as fast as you can and hope THAT will be enough to save you when the shit hits the fan in a big way.

There may not be much of a top to this mountain left, after we are finished strip mining its base.


navyswan said...

"You want to be a have or a have-not? The middle class is dying, where do you want to be?"

What the hell does he mean by that? Does he seriously think that the majority of people can just magic up higher wages? I guess I chose to be a have not since I am enslaved to military pay until 2013.

I used to feel special because we managed to save a 1000 dollars in government bonds over the last 3 years. Worthless fucking government bonds. I wonder what my measly savings are going to be worth when the dollar tanks.

PoliShifter said...

It pissed me off that dipshits like Greenspan are worshipped for their perceived intellectual genius.

What's a better plan? Drop $600 billion invading an oil rich nation only to disrupt the oil supply, drive up supply, drive up the cost of fuel, pass that cost increase on to the American Consumer all the while asking them to pay for the war -

OR, using that money to rid ourselves of our dependence on foreign oil?

All the fuckers at the top care about is making more fuckers at the top more money. They don't give a shit abou the American People or the American Economy.

Greenspan and his ilk are globalists. Corporations are increasingly global with no loyalty to the U.S.

PoliShifter said...

ask yourself, why wouldn't greenspan recommend pumping money into R&D to develop energy alternatives and fund our indepence of mid east oil?

Does it not make sense? How do you fight terror?

By cutting off their funding.

How do you do that?

By not buying oil from the mid-east.

Again multinational oil conglomerates have no loyalty to the U.S. only to their bottom line.

Fade said...

We have the means, but as long as people continue to vote Republican, America will be forced onto the path of Oil and oil alone as our energy source. Its disgusting that our fellow Americans are too stupid to see past the shell game that our politicians are playing with us.

Anonymous said...

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