Sep 4, 2007

Empires and dust

the dream, done.

Sleep silently still
content in stasis- Or wake
and witness an end.

Fate is to Fade.


Ziem said...

Sad poem but oh so true. When do you think the right will wake up to reality? Or will they?

Who wrote that?

Fade said...

Z, the poem was me. And when most of the left won't even wake up to reality in time, I don't expect the right to ever blink back into consciousness. They'll go to their graves cursing us for the gun they put to their own heads.

Anonymous said...

It's not our country any more. At least not how I remember it.

Well done, Fade.

Ziem said...

Fade, Excellent writing and right on point. Beautiful, sad, true. Standing ovation ensues.

Targa said...

I think the dream is still there... somewhere.
It's the experiment that failed.

Great post, Fade. Powerful. Damn powerful.

QuestionGirl said...

So much said in 16 words. You've got a gift Fade!