Sep 11, 2007

Salute to the American Pro-War crowd

I got yet another spam email from yet another dumbshit pro-war idiot. What amazes me is that these forwarded emails almost NEVER have anyone putting their own two cents in. They just forward the stupidity because it is easier than having to think for themselves.

It was a detailed list of terror attacks. Interestingly enough, they omitted McVeigh's attack. I wonder why that is, when his act of terror was pretty much just the same as any other terrorists'?

Well - we all know why, because it wasn't some sand nigger blowing people up, it was an ex-U.S. military cracker.

Terror attacks have been made in response to America's global actions. Innocent people have died at the hands of terrorists. But it would be OH-so very interesting to see just how many hundred thousand innocents have been killed by America in the middle East during the past forty years with our meddling in their affairs.

Just in the past four years, American is responsible for 1 Million dead Iraqis, and another 3 million that have fled the country because it is so unstable. And no, Al Quaeda didn't kill those people: War did. The U.S. invasion killed those people. U.S. bombs, U.S. bullets, U.S. destabilization. Kick that ass Pres.Bush! Kill some more! Kill em All! Turn it into a sea of glass, right?

So, do you really want to End Terrorism? Or do you just want an excuse to kill people who don't worship your god, don't speak your language, and are sitting on resources that we could use?
If you are serious about ending terror, then vote out every cocksucking Republican in Congress, hold the war profiteers accountable, AND STOP GIVING MONEY TO THE BIGGEST TERRORIST IN THE MIDDLE EAST- Israel. They won't hate us if we aren't giving them corpses in piles each month and financing their enemies. What in the hell does Israel do for America anyway? Not a goddamn thing.
And support some real efforts for alternative energy. If we had been weaned off the oil teat years ago by some real progressive presidents, we wouldn't be in this damn mess.

If we aren't invading their countries, overthrowing their leaders, TRAINING the Bin Ladins and Financing the Saddams, (all just to attempt to control the oil so some fat son-of-a-bitch that works for Exxon Mobil can fuck me in the ass at the gas pump) THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY TERRORISTS attacking America.

Do you get it? It's pretty damn simple.

But no, I look at the fucking news, and I see, once again, that You, my fellow Americans, Don't get it, won't get it, and probably never fucking will.

So, with all the scorn I can manage, here's a hearty Go Fuck Yourself to every piece of shit out there who supports keeping our troops in Iraq so they can die every month. Your ignorance is applauded by your masters: the Bushes, the Cheneys, the Blackwater CEO, the Exxon Board of directors, the offense contractors, the neocon globalists and so on and so on. Halliburton salutes your patriotism! All the fucking way to the bank, you sorry worthless traitors to the American way.

So, plant your fatass in front of the teevee tonight and watch as much contrived 9-11 anniversary fever that you can, all the while suppressing the real reasons WHY our country was attacked.


angry ballerina said...

Alright FADE!

Frederick said...

Did they leave out the Anthrax attacks...they always seem to like to do that as well. I think that was domestic, and in the vein of Timothy McVeigh.

Dem-X said...

No unabomber or presidential assassins either, I bet.

Great post, fade.

Fade said...

Fred, you are much too kind about the Anthrax- The McVeighs may make big fertilizer bombs but they can't get their hands on Government Anthrax. Much less to just attack Democrats' offices on the day of a large anti-war protest in DC. That was a Government op, and who knows- maybe it HAS had an impact on just how vehement the Minority party was in decrying the war in Iraq. Just another Gestapo tactic to keep the dissenters in line...

Ah, but there I go, into Conspiracy land... And above all else, we can't, we just CAN'T believe that these guys would kill Americans in order to press their plans forward, right?

Oh, unless they are just soldiers.

Fade said...

More in conspiracy-zone Blog Theater..

(todays conspiracy gossip)

Jason: the way sept 14, mark your far on this date we have an entire Israeli airline with no flights and the us air force will be in "stand down orders" hmmmmm

Fade: Well the Nazis, I mean, the Israelis, would know... Start your TiVO now, for future inconsistencies....

PoliShifter said...

Thanks for the Sept 14th tip and great post!

navyswan said...

I think there are only a handful of people that do 'get it' and they are such a small minority to not get their voices heard. This whole war on terror in my mind is a fraud. The whole thing seems so damn convenient to those in power. I think, to paraphrase an asshole, we are in the last throes as a nation. At least as we have known it. It is kinda sad. I knew it for such a short time. I got acquainted with the shell of America for 19 whole years before 911 'changed everything'.