Sep 28, 2007

Smoking vs. Terror

The Good Doctor:

Dr. Zaius said...
Jeepers, Fade, don't go all pollyana on us.

Well Doc Z, that Chicken Little shit is doing wonders for the Wingers on the right. This whole Fonzie cool "It's all good" apathy is starting to feel kinda well, ineffective.

I don't know why... Perhaps the American people need to be scared of the REAL threats and not the fake ones, if they're going to shit their pants ANYWAY, they might as well shit them for the RIGHT Reasons...

As Larry Kudlow said last night- "Hillary's got a war on smoking. You wonder where these Democrats priorities are."

Meanwhile, I visited my mom in a hospital room, Squamous cell carcinoma, oral kind, from smoking. Just one of thousands like her, dying across America this morning, without health insurance. Somehow as I sat there next to her, I managed to contain my fear of terrorists blowing up the hospital.

Kudlow is the kind of guy that would have been arguing AGAINST warning labels on cigs back then, AND discounting Doctors' reports that Smoking causes cancer. How many Hundred thousands will die in America this year from ... Smoking? Compare that to the terrorist threat and even brain damaged, closet-Craig-Kudlow should understand WHERE The Democrats priorities are.

Is it lack of proper healthcare thats turning America into a nation of fucking morons that can't see the forest for the trees?

Personally, I blame Bill Clinton.

Oh wait, scratch that, the new Demoncrat du jour is Hillary. Even though she's a closet Republican. In the end, I am starting to think she WILL get elected- by a landslide of Republicans ala Joe Lieberman. Thanks, Hillary supporters- for NOT A GODDAMN THING.

Edwards, all day, everyday.
Nothing else is acceptable.

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