Sep 17, 2007

Blackwater security license revoked

Iraq revokes security contractor license after shootout

Now, let's see if Bush lets this stand. Mercs killing civilians results in more attacks against our troops. For too long, Blackwater (in Bush's back pocket) has been able to murder freely in the streets of Baghdad. Will Bush allow the puppet democracy of Iraq to censure and punish his private army of cutthroats- the ones that he once unleashed in New Orleans? It's funny how we couldn't get water and bread to people dying in New Orleans, but we managed to spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to airlift these scumbags into New Orleans to run around taking potshots at the "criminal element" of American refugees while they "secured" important areas... (basically they helped keep aid from getting IN TO THE REFUGEES).

A President of any Moral substance whatsoever would have banned these pirates from operating in Iraq, much less stateside. Of course, our President has no morals.

Is Maliki strong enough to rid Iraq of these bloodthirsty mercenaries? They are no less vile than Al Quaeda operatives, evidenced today as they opened fire and killed civilians for the umpteenth time.

And why not, they are operating under exemptions that say they cannot be prosecuted by Iraqis for the crimes they commit. Some Democracy, eh? Imagine if the laws in the U.S. applied to everyone EXCEPT Russian mercenaries who were shooting up American cities. It doesn't make sense, does it? Unless you are a bush crony.

So, here we have yet another group of Bush cronies that are above the law.

You know, freedom has been increasing for ONE GROUP under President Bush: Any dirty son of a bitch willing to commit crimes for the men in the whitehouse are increasingly finding that they are free to do whatever they want, as long as its serves the best interests of Dubya or his business partners. Blackwater can kill children in iraq. It's okay, because Condoleeza will call Maliki and say she's sorry for them and "will launch an investigation".

Hmm. I think you know what a White house launched investigation consists of by now: A paper shredder and a speech where Bush uses the word "freedom" forty times while he talks of the brave Iraqi people.

Yeah, they better be brave, because if the insurgents don't kill em, and our troops dont kill em, then they could get run over or shot by corporate killers for hire.

Why are they so damn ungrateful?


navyswan said...

I heard that Condi is going to talk to Maliki and get him to overturn this. We cannot have them undermining our corporate profit line. I wonder what threat they will use to get him to overturn this decision?

Fade said...

Swan, I imagine they will use the same threat they always do with Maliki... "Democracy,hell, Maliki- You CAN be replaced. We just have ourselves a nother little purple finger fiesta and put whoever we want in your place."

Dem-X said...

I heard on the radio that Bush is "very concerned" about this and "personally told" some folks to look into it.

I coudn't help thinking to myself that, even if Blackwater loses its Iraq contact, they've already made boatloads of money and expanded their creepy, violent mercenary company exponentially.

We're only a few steps away from the age of corporate war, I think.