Nov 8, 2007


We thought, because we had wisdom, we had power.

"Don't have a bad heart about it, white man. Of all the things the Indian fears about the white man, he fears your guns least."

Here's a quote from Red Cloud, as told to Ohiyesa- (from Red Cloud Remembered )

"Friends," said Red Cloud, "it has been our misfortune to welcome the white man. We have been deceived. He brought with him some shining things that pleased our eyes; he brought weapons more effective than our own: above all, he brought the spirit water that makes one forget for a time old age, weakness, and sorrow. But I wish to say to you that if you would possess these things for yourselves, you must begin anew and put away the wisdom of your fathers. You must lay up food, and forget the hungry. When your house is built, your storeroom filled, then look around for a neighbor whom you can take at a disadvantage, and seize all that he has! Give away only what you do not want; or rather, do not part with any of your possessions unless in exchange for another's.

"My countrymen, shall the glittering trinkets of this rich man, his deceitful drink that overcomes the mind, shall these things tempt us to give up our homes, our hunting grounds, and the honorable teaching of our old men? Shall we permit ourselves to be driven to and fro -- to be herded like the cattle of the white man?"

Red Cloud's final address to the Lakota people-

"My sun is set. My day is done. Darkness is stealing over me. Before I lie down to rise no more, I will speak to my people.

"Hear me, my friends, for it is not the time for me to tell you a lie. The Great Spirit made us, the Indians, and gave us this land we live in. He gave us the buffalo, the antelope, and the deer for food and clothing. We moved our hunting grounds from the Minnesota to the Platte and from the Mississippi to the great mountains. No one put bounds on us. We were free as the winds, and like the eagle, heard no man's commands.

"I was born a Lakota and I shall die a Lakota. Before the white man came to our country, the Lakotas were a free people. They made their own laws and governed themselves as it seemed good to them. The priests and ministers tell us that we lived wickedly when we lived before the white man came among us. Whose fault was this? We lived right as we were taught it was right. Shall we be punished for this? I am not sure that what these people tell me is true.

As a child I was taught the Taku Wakan(Supernatural Powers) were powerful and could do strange things. This was taught me by the wise men and the shamans. They taught me that I could gain their favor by being kind to my people and brave before my enemies; by telling the truth and living straight; by fighting for my people and their hunting grounds.

"When the Lakotas believed these things they were happy and they died satisfied. What more than this can that which the white man offers us give?

"Taku Shanskan is familiar with my spirit and when I die I will go with him. Then I will be with my forefathers. If this is not in the heaven of the white man I shall be satisfied. Wi is my father. The Wakan Tanka ofthe white man has overcome him. But I shall remain true to him.

"Shadows are long and dark before me. I shall soon lie down to rise no more. While my spirit is with my body the smoke of my breath shall be towards the Sun for he knows all things and knows that I am still true to him."

And this all leads me to wonder - Why should I fight to repair the white man's democracy, which is as fake as his religion? Why should I, of all people, continue to believe this lie that we tell ourselves each day- that this way of life is all some noble endeavor, and not simply a the eternal whoring ourselves for gold?


Targa said...

In early October I had these same feelings. I needed a break. The information was coming too fast and I could not keep up. My thoughts became jumbled and distracted. I lost my focus.
Hence, the "It's Official" post. I took that break and have decided to dig deeper at what irritates me. That means I'm doing more research and working on perfecting my "sights" so that I can get as close to being precise in what I'm thinking and how I'm relaying those thoughts to the written word.
"We" don't have the luxury of a staff to pop out "HuffPo" style content. No, we are one. All of us. We are one. But as one, we become a collective. And as a collective, we become stronger.
You may feel a bit defeated. I did. I took a break. I tuned out. It's a good thing. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and re-empowered.
You have a powerful voice and your thoughts and words resonate with a lot of people.
Don't give up. Take a break. But don't give up.
Your blog is part of my daily journey throughout the blogosphere, as I'm sure it is for a lot of others.
That's it. I'm just one man asking you to keep fighting.
That's all I have to say.

Fade said...

I've been thinking about giving up on my blog efforts. I do believe I've made some real accomplishments via this blog, for myself and others. And I've really enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow bloggers. I watch the news and then read the blogs and really I don't know how anyone cannot be fully informed WITHOUT the internet news and thousands of blogs working together. But lately, it's just seeming more and more futile to keep posting the same old stories over and over. It's not that the stories themselves aren't new- they are, but its the same shit, over and over= and I can't help but think that Americans are just damn near devoid of salvation and sanity. Every day there's the same old morons trying to refute the obvious, with big media standing behind them, nodding their heads dumbly.

I know that things are changing, for the better, but the speed at which the American public is waking up makes a snail's pace look like light speed.

I changed the name of the blog, from the House of the Rising Sons, to the House of the Setting Suns - and changed the look and logo because it fits how I feel at this moment. And, as everyone knows- this blog has always been my heart on my sleeve- which is where I believe everyone's heart belongs- out in the open- honestly and passionately voicing your beliefs.

I no longer feel that I truly am being honest to myself, (if no one else) by believing in my country. I try. I WANT to believe. But who am I fucking kidding, really? Our country was built on Empire and conquest, greed and expansion. It's social, economic, and military Darwinism. The only thing that has evolved is our state of technology. I read some of our founding fathers writings and I find that they were a hundred times more eloquent and intelligent than our current crop of "leaders". The intellect of our country has devolved as well as our work ethic and our morality (and no, I am not referring in any form or fashion to sex- My sense of morality revolves around duty,loyalty,empathy and caring for those around you.)

And so here I am-wanting to change things, to repair our constitutional freedoms and become a better country- one that realizes the sins of our past and present, comes to terms with that- and works toward improving not only ourselves, but the entire world for the benefit of mankind.

And I am torn, because at the same time I am afraid that my efforts are for nothing. I look around and see my leaders using me and all my countrymen as pawns as they milk the system for their own selfish gains, heedless of the the damage they do to those who they have sworn to serve.

But, I'm still full of piss and vinegar and its damn hard to shut me up, anyhow, so I ain't going anywhere.

Fade said...

And Targa, THANKS.

angry ballerina said...

Fade, no joke, DON'T LEAVE ME!