Oct 31, 2006

"Victory" and the 30%'ers

On the Brink, a new book by a retired CIA Chief details how Bush's administration neutered the CIA and politicized the "need" to attack Iraq. As Nicole Belle, of Crooks and Liars says:

"Another nail in the coffin. How many are necessary before those last remaining 30-odd percenters stop defending the decision to invade Iraq?"

On the Brink

The answer is that they will Never stop supporting the failed policies of "their side".

Their tunnel vision stems from their ignorance, but their hate for liberals makes their limited vision become even less and less until they are completely blinded. For them to admit that they were wrong about Iraq is a very difficult indeed. But what is impossible for them is to acknowledge that Liberals were right.

The only thing that will turn these 30 percenters around on Iraq will be some grand excuse on their part. They need some talking point that will allow them to bow out with a measure of grace, if not in our eyes (not hardly) - in their own clouded illusion of how they see themselves.

I am all for the 30 percenters declaring Victory! in Iraq and allowing our troops to leave. You know as well as I do that "Victory!" in the form of bragging rights is ALL that these shallow people want. They don't care if Iraq falls apart tomorrow. They will cut and run to their hearts' content, as long as they don't have to admit defeat to the Left-wing. They will grind every soldier in Iraq to dust and blood to prevent THAT.

So, Let these fools declare victory so we can bring our troops home as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will Never allow our troops to leave the hell that the American invasion has made of Iraq.

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