Oct 20, 2006

Our Overtaxed Military, Our undertaxed Millionaires

Some news headlines today show how bad our military and their families are suffering under this administration. They have been asked to take a backseat financially to mercenaries and private contractors in Iraq while doing all the dangerous work in Iraq, stymied in Afghanistan by Rumsfeld's failure to provide enough resources to do their job. President Bush is more concerned with alleviating the stress of the poor put-upon millinaires sitting on their fat asses at home than he is with addressiong our troops' failure to make enough money to even feed their families while they are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military families relying on donated goods:

Our Troops in debt:

And then there's the rising healthcare costs in order to keep up with all the darn wounded people that just don't seem to stop coming in from Iraq.

Our government doesn't have the money to support our military AND a War in Iraq. So what does it want to do? Cut more Taxes for its millionaire supporters and the war profiteers who are drenched with the blood, sweat and tears of our troops.

We have GOT to get our military out of Iraq before the whole military is broken irreparably.
And before the whole country is broke.

Or do you believe that all these millionaires will happily give up their money in order to bail out America? Are you laughing? Or crying?

They will break every soldier in this country just to make a buck. THAT's what THIS Republican leadership is doing.

Get the U.S. out of Iraq- And get every Republican OUT OF OFFICE!
And then, we can start salvaging our military and paying our brave soldiers what they deserve!
And if you elitist rich bastards don't like it, As Dick Cheney likes to say: You can go fuck yourselves.


Buck said...

Wow, good post! And right on the nose too.

Have you bookmarked now. Gonna add you to our blogroll (if you don't mind).

Blue Herald


WhattheH said...


Caveman said...

hmmm I live among the military here..they drive corvetts..I dont get it?

Fade said...

Well Caveman... I guess its too much to expect you to READ the msnbc post? Outrageous Debt- Triple digit interest rates and loan shark agencies that are targeting teens as soon as they get out of boot..etc.

caveman said...

yes I did see that fade..which is bullshit..they need to hang them a-holes that do that and in my city they are going after them...but remember ..young military men..start off a bit better then alot of people out of high school..takes time..the..money comes in..i know..father is living the good life off Vets pay

Fade said...

Okay, I didn't mean to imply there weren't ANY benefits to being in the military - I am just pointing out that our government is blowing a lot of money on horseshit while our military expenses are being cut- ALL While we have 140,000 troops deployed in Iraq in a warzone. (whether or not Its "Officially" a warzone, if a hundred troops die this month there, It's a warzone). Somehow this Administration can see fit to pay a Blackwater merc $200/hour AND THEN Still put our U.S.Troops in FRONT of those same mercs. This is what happens when Capitalism preempts Democracy. There is NO Buck Stops here with the current Republicans. They spend the govts money as fast as they spend our troops lives. And while doing it- THEY FAIL at their mission objectives. That is in no way CONSERVATIVE. Like it or not, THESE Republicans have failed. They have failed YOU, ME, America AND ESPECIALLY our Military. Progressives and Democrats are the way to go. Watch and see. when Dems take back the Senate and the House, we can start moving forward and getting some stuff done. If Repubs manage to hold on, its going to be more of the same failures. Is That Really Preferable to what you hardliners fear about Democrats?