Apr 3, 2009

Thanks for stopping by

The House is now pretty much vacant, but due to requests, I'm opening the doors back up for whoever wants to look back at the past postings and maybe chuckle at a rant or two. Hopefully, you will read an older, angry post and then look around at this nation and let loose a deep sigh of relief that the Bush years are over.

I never said Goodbye to all my friends, and I've never been good at goodbyes, anyway. So, this will be my fare-thee-well post, 5 months after I quit posting.

This blog (and all of YOUR blogs) saved my life and my sanity many times over the past few years. I haven't been posting because the fire in my gut has cooled somewhat, and I just don't feel like I've had anything worth sharing to impart for a while. I will be content to haunt all of your blogs and listen for awhile and keep my own mouth shut for a little bit. It'll be good for me.

From 2004- 2008, those at the forefront of the Newsblog and Poli-blog movement changed this country. We made a difference. I don't include myself lightly in that "We." I've lost friends and gained friends, traded curses and even fists with a wide array of people over the events that warped and shaped our nation this past half-decade. From arguments with trolls I'll never meet to shouting matches with family members who now grudgingly acquiese because they know they were really and truly wrong. The "trust my gut" era is dead, thank the gods.

When I look back at 2004 in Lubbock when I started blogging, it's almost like looking back at the dark ages. So much has changed, in many ways- but the way I feel is the most important is that I am no longer shouted down when I dare open my mouth in public about ANYTHING. That severe black and white has been merged into a much more manageable grey. And that's a very, very good thing.

So, my work here is done. I've spent all the righteous zeal I possessed. I'll let others, with more nuance, and less in-your-face take over from this point on.

But if ya'll ever need a half-crazy Redneck Liberal to out-smart the fascist white collar ruling class of this country while simultaneously out-white-trashing their bible-thumping racist blue collar pawns- I'll be here... and those of you who know me the best will know it won't take much to recharge my righteous wrath.

Hope for the best and plan for the worst- And don't be bullshittin' the neighbors, now.

Ya'll be good.

I'll try to...


Targa said...

I feel the same way. The fire has subsided somewhat... now I ponder daily nonsense that is nonpolitical.
I don't know that I'll ever stop posting, I just won't be posting as much.
Thanks for opening this joint up again. I have a habit of reading books I've already read. This is the same thing.

Elmo said...

Peace out, Faded. Sometimes it can get scary fucking with Tory ass wingnuts. Not that they are scary, wingnuts are mostly a bunch of pussies. But what is a little scary is how much pleasure I feel going after them. It's ecstasy without the drug sometimes. Which always makes it a good thing to step back and regroup a little...so as not to become just like one of those nut jobs...

droudy said...

Thanks for the memories, dude. You helped make the Empire years bearable.

QuestionGirl said...

Just stopping in to say hey! Hope all's good! How's the little precious doing?

Hill said...

I do miss you.


But I've got to say this.

You gave 'em hell, Fade, and for that, you achieved hero status for us lefties.