Oct 3, 2008

A nation this dumb...

... can't last forever.

Democrats push through Bailout Bill

172 chickenshit Democrats. 172 Dems voting with Bush. Twice as many Dems bend over for Wall street than Repubs.

“It’s pretty funny to see House Republicans run around claiming to be acting on true conservative principles”

What is decidedly un-funny is seeing kneejerk Democrats falling prey to the status quo once again.

“We must do Something!” Thank you for nothing. There’s not a damn spine among Dems and it’s a crying shame.

And the country wonders why Bush gets away with everything= it’s less because of the psycho republicans and more because of cowardly Democrats.

Fucking hell, this country has really gone to shit.


Randal Graves said...

"No, this time, what we do really WILL help everyone. Seriously. Trust us."

Targa said...

Dude, glad you're back to HotRS...
I have a special comment in prose (sort of) on my blog, which I'm slowly returning to, that comments on the bailout.