Sep 29, 2008

No Bailout

No Bailout Bitches

Time to cut Corporate America's nuts off.

Burn, Mfer, Burn

No More Golden Parachutes. Save America. Hang a CEO til he's dead, dead, dead.

Damn the luck. We knew it was coming, and we told em. Too bad all those investors didn't have the balls to hang with those double inverse funds.

Fuck em and feed em fishheads. How's that W sticker working out for ya, Jackass?

"And they never saw the hammer til they hit themselves in the face with it. Twice."

God Bless Wall Street. God Bless Capitalism. God Bless shiny stuff and Blessings from God.

God Save America from Republicans.

But you know what those good ole boys helping themselves to America's wealth say:

I do believe it's time to Help the Republican party to the exit.

and why is it so fucking hard to accomplish such a necessity to sanity?

This is Why


Liberality said...

excellent--I'm right there with ya!

SadButTrue said...

I like your solution. As long as America has rope and lampposts there is hope for a better country.