Jul 31, 2008

Troops murdered while President does nothing


PFC Lavena Johnson was raped,beaten, set-on-fire and army calls it suicide

American soldiers raped and killed and then their deaths covered up by the Military they are serving.

It makes me sick and ashamed. How many coverups can YOU Stomach?

Private contractors are getting away with murder in Iraq. But it's not just Iraqis getting raped and murdered- its regular American citizens who are working in Iraq and NOW its a U.S. Soldier.

Do you think a U.S. Soldier deserves better than this shit?

Our current Government doesn't.

Whatever you do, whoever you vote for- Don't let your kids join the military while a two-faced Republican is in the office of the President - saying Support the troops on tv, then cutting benefits, stop-lossing troops, and allowing Corporate pirates, mercs, and scumbags kill, rape, and rob anyone they feel like, INCLUDING our troops.

Today, 1 million emails will zip around about Obama not supporting our troops, meanwhile, this shit is going on and everyone turns a blind eye, all under Republican rule.

How much more fucked up will America get before we get these nutball Republicans out of the whitehouse and our government?


SadButTrue said...

As much as this case turns my stomach on its own, it turns it even more so when I think of how Jamie Leigh Jones must react to it. She was locked in a shipping container for over 24 hours without food, water, blankets or toilet facilities after she was gang-raped by KBR 'colleagues.' This has just got to have her thinking, "there but for the grace of God..."

JimD said...

This Administration doesn't give a shit about soldiers. And women soldiers aren't even on the radar.

They care nothing about equal rights in the countries we are supposedly bringing democracy to.